Friday 2 October 2009

BAO Items of the Week

It’s been a strange week…. after having found one of my designs copied, and having confronted the culprit and asked her to at a minimum credit me with the original design… the outcome was a very rude and public reply, calling me names… I sort of lost the desire to bead… or do anything else for that matter… the whole incident left me depleted and sad… However, the response from the amazing beading community was so warm and supportive… and I can say that after having “mourned” for a week or so… I’m now excited to start beading again… sometimes it’s good to take a bit of time off!!!

This week the BAO has put together an amazing collections of goodies – go to the BAO blog and check out what offers are attached to these beautiful items:

bao item of the week

My item this week is one of my favourite creations:

Purple Balagan OOAK

Purchase and pay for this OOAK beadembroidered cuff between now and 8th October and receive 20% off!!!

Tonight marks the beginning of the festival of Sukkot, wishing all of you who celebrate it a hag sameach and a wonderful weekend!


  1. don't bother about the copycat... if she doesn't want to design her own then she will always be tagging behind you.
    Extra bonus: you have a super fan !

  2. Your bracelet is the color combo!

    Sorry you had such a down week...don't let someones actions cause you grief! You are a wonderful artist and some one who copies can't take that away from you!!!


  3. Thank you, Triz, for visiting my blog today.

    It is unfortunate that some people do not rely on their own merit for work...I am glad that you had a break and the bracelet is lovely.

    I am inspired by your organizing of your space. I need to work on my own space this weekend!


  4. That is awful to hear about the copy cat, Triz! It would bring me down too! Your work is outstanding..keep smiling, I am sure what goes around comes around and she will get hers in the end. Lovely bracelet...great color!

  5. I'm just sorry your "bead rest" was caused by such an ugly incident. (I'm dealing with a Hungarian cat right now.) But I am glad that you are re-energized. *hugs*

  6. Glad that you are back from your bead rest..... You inspire so many of us with your talented designs that express your individuality and challenge us to create our own unique pieces, don't let the copycat get you down.