Tuesday 22 September 2009

Why I’ve been so Unproductive… and a new piece

Well… Lately, even though I seem to have all the time in the world, as my son started pre-school and comes home at 4.30 everyday, leaving me lots of time to bead… work… and even exercise… I found myself unable to sit down and come up with anything creative… although I have managed to work and, believe it or not, exercise… every morning, as soon as I have dropped him off at school, I blast my ipod and power walk for an hour… very proud of myself!!! yet… beading… has been more difficult to do… so I looked at my workspace… and this is what I found… a HUGE mess!!!!


IMG_2245Shameful, right? :-) This could explain my cluttered mind and my inability to sit down and bead… nowhere to sit and bead, that’s why!!! So I dedicated a whole day to cleaning up and tried to re-organize my workspace! and here are the results:



So much better, although not perfect, but at least I can actually find the tables!!! :-)

So no more excuses!!!

I bought these AMAZING lampwork beads from Tera Belinsky-Yoder of BeadyGirl Beads and really wanted to make something with them!

Here is the first piece I made using one of these beautiful pieces of glass art:

Cosmic Carnival Bracelet

Amazing what can be achieved with a bit of order in ones life! :-)

I even made another bracelet, although not with Tera Belinsky-Yoder’s beads… a remake of one of my first designs that I found at the bottom of a box…. I haven’t worked on the photos yet, so come back tomorrow and check it out!!!


  1. Triz, Good for you! I need to do much the same thing...to my entire house! ;D Gorgeous bracelet!

  2. ah ha...GREAT JOB in cleaning and organizing...I'm just getting ready for a show on Saturday in Providence, and my desk/card making/framing table is almost unrecognizable...and well, you've seen the pic of my jewelry corner..albeit w/ Girl Whirl in the middle of everything...:)))))

  3. Really, sometimes order is not a choice but a must! Beautiful result!!

  4. I've posted photos of my messy space too...but never got around to cleaning it! I just live in chaos for now. I'm hiring a professional organizer to come help me with it by the end of the year. Or at least I planned to until you made me go buy super cool buttons from Etsy! LOL! Bad influence!

  5. Great job Triz...although having said that my studio is much worse looking...I've tried organizing it a couple of times but for some reason I work best in the clutter???

    What ever works...

    The bracelet is gorgeous I love the bright colors with the black!!!