Friday, 4 September 2009

BAO Item of the week

It’s been a GREAT week!!! My son is not only back at school, but he is going to be there (from Sunday) till 4.30 pm everyday!!! Which means my life can go back to normal (last year he was coming home at 1.30 pm everyday)… so not only will I have time to get all my work done (real job) but also have time to create new pieces, start working on some instructions for sale…. and hopefully, if I can get it together, start making some beaded bags…. which is actually why I started beading in the first place!!! I have a terrible bag fetish… the more the merrier! :-) I have all the materials… I just didn’t have the time to sit down and start my first one! :-)

As soon as I catch up with my “real” work… I will buckle down and start working on all the things I’ve been dreaming about for over a year!!!

In the meantime… here are this week’s BAO items, all gorgeous as usual!!!

bao item of the week

My item this week is one of my very favourite beadembroidered pieces. Aztec Treasure – this piece was published in the gallery section of Nicole Campanella’s Flatwork book.

Purchase and pay for this OOAK necklace between now and 10th September and receive 20% off!!!

Visit the BAO blog to see all the specials being offered this week -

And last… but not least…. I want to thank all of you who followed me on Twitter and left comments on my previous post. I won!!! and it was a landslide win thanks to all of you!!! The winner of my earrings giveaway will be announced on Sunday, so make sure you come back! :-)

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend ahead!!!