Thursday 17 September 2009

EBW September winners

The winner of the EtsyBeadWeavers Indian Summer Challenge is:

Indian Summer Sunset by Lorraine of Trinity Designer Jewellery

Second place is my dear friend Miriam from Cielo Design (who has to listen to me bitch and moan on a daily basis! and for that she deserves a medal!) :-) with her Parvati's Grace Necklace

and 3rd place… yours truly with my Indian Summer Nights

Thank you to all of you who voted for me, I really appreciate it!!!

To see the rest of the runners up + all the gorgeous entries, please visit the EBW blog.


  1. The entries in the challenges have really been wonderful lately. It's great to see so many participants and so much talent.


  2. Congratulations Triz...I do love that necklace of yours!

    Congratulations as well to the other winners, beautiful pieces...