Tuesday 31 March 2009

BAO Items of the Week!

Sorry am so late posting this, but between work and a splitting migraine that has now being going on for almost 48 hours... I sort of lost track of what day of the week it is :-)

But here they are!!! All of them gorgeous!!!

bao item of the week

My item this week is:

Blue Lagoon Choker

blue lagoon neck 03 copy











Purchase and pay for this item between now and 4th April and receive 5% off + free shipping!

Please visit http://beadartoriginals.blogspot.com/ to see all these gorgeous items and the offers attached to them!

Back to bed for now... hoping the thumping in my head stops sometimes soon!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Tomorrow is a big day, as the little puppy is coming home to live with us!!!! and my parents are arriving from the UK... bringing me some new beading books!!!! can't wait! ;-)


  1. Oh Triz...poor you...I had a 2 day migraine a couple of weeks ago...there's only so much a gal can take...but, it will go away...:(((

    HOW EXCITING about the puppy (maybe the stress/tremendous joy triggered the migraine)...I have to say, the face on your new family member is one for the ages...have a rich visit w/ your folks...:)))

    Lots of lovely, lovely response to my post for you and Smadar...

  2. Stunning piece, I hope you are feeling better soon!!! Migraines are so debilitating!

    How exciting for you a visit with your parents and a new puppy...will keep you busy for sure!


  3. Enjoy your new puppy! My parents are coming from the UK today for a visit as well! Have fun.

  4. This is total stunning, beautiful, gorgeus, perfect!!!!

  5. Hello, my name is Ana, I´m from Spain. Sorry for my english, but I don´t speak it for many years...
    I don´t know how I get your blog, I were looking your post and I think that you are the cousin of a person I remember, Bettina. I worked twoo summers in her house, looking for her childrens when they were 4 and 2 years old, like aupair. I remember all of them very much.
    It´s increible!! I has been looking for her adress many times to write her, but I losted it. Please could you give her my best regards. I remember with very much fondness the time that I was with her and her children in London and Israel.
    Thanks a lot.
    Ah, your jewels are beautiful.
    Best regards from Spain

  6. What a beautiful blog, and what a great work!! I particularly love the blue lagoon Choker!

  7. They are quite lovely! Adore your choker too!