Sunday, 15 March 2009

I love going to the post office!!!!!

On Thursday I received a notice from the post office telling me that a package had arrived... unfortunately the post office here is closed on Fridays, so I had to wait till this morning to go and pick up my parcel... I knew what was in there... I was waiting for this beautiful, handmade glass Murano bead from ArtBeads.... and yes it arrived!!!! I rushed home and cannot even begin to tell you how stunning this bead is!!!!!

Murano Glass Bead

artbeads murano bead

The picture does not depict all of its glory. First of all this gorgeous bead is hollow, which for some reason is not what I was expecting, it is so much more delicate and beautiful than I could have possibly imagined!!!!! The bronze stripes shimmer and in between those stripes the glass is transparent therefore allowing you to see right through!!!! Oh, I can't stop looking at it and drooling over this bead!!! STUNNING!!!!

My challenge now is to create something around it which does it justice!!!! the wheels have started turning and churning!!! Go check out this bead and the other variations it comes in: Murano Glass Beads - they are all so gorgeous!!!!

ArtBeads are a great online place to shop for your beads - I usually get most of my Swarovski Crystal Beads from there, and I can honestly say that they not only have very competitive prices but they also offer wonderful customer service! Highly recommend them!

Ok, now onto my task of thinking up how to create something wonderful and befitting this gorgeous bead!!! Stay tuned! :-)


  1. That bead truly is one-of-a-kind! Lucky you to own it, and I can't wait to see what you are going to make with it!

  2. can't wait to see what you do with it! Have fun!

  3. A beautiful bead. I'm sure your creation will be a show stopper! Looking forward to it.

    I love Artbeads too. They are a truly customer-service oriented company!

  4. Stunning! I am sure with your talent you will certainly be able to do this bead justice. Looking forward to seeing what that will be.

  5. It will be an absolute treat to see what you do with and for this! It will be magnificent :D

  6. Gorgeous! I second your opinion about ArtBeads. I have had nothing but good luck with them!

  7. All I can say is WOW that is one heck of a bead. I hope you can do it justice with a lovely bit of beading. Good luck and I look forward to the end result!

  8. every time we come looking for new friends..
    we find more than we could imagine...
    YES ...TRUELY 1 OF A KIND...
    what do you say when you can't believe how talented someone is AKA YOU.............!!
    we can't wait to see tooooo
    mona & the girls
    so glad we popped in for a visit

  9. This bead is quite a beauty. But you will make it special and spectacular. Can't wait to see.

  10. It is an amazing bead and I am looking forward to seeing how you use it in one of your wonderful creations!

  11. Hey nice work n blog too,
    That bead is really beautiful, r u gonna make some ornament of it or jus do some fabric work addin this bead over it..


  12. Murano glass beads are beautiful and i know whatever you create with it will certainly do it justice!

  13. Stunning! I have the same problem with a cab from Artisan Clay. I just keep holding it, looking at it, arranging beads around it, without actually using it yet:-D Can't wait to see what you make with the lovely!

  14. Hi,

    You are quite talented and very creative and that reflects in the fine taste of your art.

    Kind regards,