Friday 16 May 2008

Water - work in progress - Part 3

progress 12 Remember "Water" work in progress? Yes, it has been a while but this piece has always been on my mind even when I've been working on something else. In case you want to refresh your memories of this piece here are the previous posts:

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So my beading rut has thankfully ended and my beading angel seems to be guiding me once more :-) so I started playing around with the idea to incorporate this piece into some sort of bag. The funny thing is, DSCN4099when I first started beading, I started because I wanted to learn to make beaded components for my knitted bags, however.... I got so hooked (ok, obsessed!) with the actual art of bead-weaving that I forgot all about wanting to make bags.... but... this piece scrams to be on a bag... and my neighbour popped up the other day with a huge bags of fabric samples from the furniture shop where she works!!!! Of course I have to make something out of all these wonderful pieces of fabrics!!! so I started playing around with some ideas. Understand that I've only ever made knitted bags... I have no idea how to construct a bag.... I do know how to sew, I have a B.A. in Fashion Designs and obviously we had to learn how to sew, but I HATE sewing!!!! :-) seriously!!! beading is not sewing :-) So armed with little knowledge :-), lots of ideas and lots of enthusiasm, here is the slow advancement of "Water"!

bag 1 bag 2bag 3 bag 4 bag 5

Ok... so here you can sort of see where I'm going... sort of :-)

I've used bead-backing as backing for the suede. The gorgeous chocolate brown suede is recycled from an old shirt that never got really used, the fact that it's slightly distressed or at least doesn't look new adds interest and texture and I like it a lot!!! :-) and the beigy fabric is from one of the samples I received from my neighbour (you can see the bag of samples in the second photo from the top)

I have no idea if this will turn out or not... but I've dusted my sewing machine and have started making something.... a bit worried about attaching the lining to the suede and backing...

I have a bag fetish.... I love them, if I could I would have a zillion, as it happens I have quite a few, but not a zillion.... so this one may just stay in my collection... whatever the outcome :-)

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  1. Triz I'm sure that your bag will be wonderful!... please hurry up... I'm so curious to see it finished!!!

  2. The beaded component is beautiful and the color combo's are perfect. Good luck sewing it all together.

    So are you saying that you never beaded before, but wanted a piece to add to a bag and that's how you began beading such beautiful creations?

  3. I think it's going to look beautiful, I love the turquoise bead part :O)

  4. I can't wait to see what you come up with, with this!!!

  5. Wow, your bag is turning out beautiful!! You've inspired me to make one myself but I promise, a diff style - I won't copy yours. :-)

    Like you, I can sew but really, REALLY hate sewing. I think it's because it hurts my back bent over a table cutting fabric & bent over the sewing machine. Thank you for your blog & your inspiration, Triz!!!