Sunday 11 May 2008

Photo Set Up - and Finally a new piece!!!

I sometimes get asked about my photo set up... and I try to explain it, but as they say a picture is worth 1000 words... so here is my photo set up :-)

photo set 02

photo set 01

As you can see... hardly high tech!!! :-) I use my dining table because it's in the corner of two very well lit windows, so the light coming in is superb... the mosquito net screens provide just the right amount of light diffusion.

photo set 03I lay my black plastic-like sheet, that I bought from my local art shop (please don't ask me what it's called as I don't know, all I can tell you is that it feels like plastic, it costs around $1.50 and it comes in a few colours)

I lay the plastic sheet over an object (in this case my fruit bowl) just to give the photos some depth. You could also set it up on a chair, but this works for me.

and that is basically it!!! :-)

Things to remember:

  • Turn off the automatic flash on your camera.
  • Do not go into direct sunlight, take shots in the shade outside on a bright day, or if you are lucky like me, on your dining table, but not in the sun.
  • Steady yourself and your camera on a tripod, a table, or as I do, the back of a chair :-)
  • I personally like to use very low angles and like to be close up to the item I'm photographing, but just have fun, experiment, move around, move the jewellery, till you get the shots you like. The best thing about digital cameras is that if you take 100 shots and none of them are any good, you can take another 100. No film waste, no paper waste but most of all no time waste, as you can go straight to your computer and check if anything decent came out, and as I said, if not.... take some more :-)

And the reason why I had to take photos this morning.... well, I don't want to speak too soon, but I think my beading rut is about to come to an end. So yesterday I made this pendant for a friend... I hope she'll like it... :-) I've also listed it in my Etsy shop Black & Pearl Pendant and will be making one for me this coming week end, because I absolutely love it and really want one too :-)

Black & Pearl Pendant 01 copy

Black & Pearl Pendant is the perfect complement to Black and Pearl Bangle

Black & Pearl bracelet 02 copy

Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of my beading rut!!!!

and hopefully my friend will love it... or at least like it ;-)


  1. woww Triz... wonderful new pieces... as I already told you, that bracelet is one of my favourite!
    I'm happy that your beading rut is about to come to an end... I can't wait to see new stunning creations!!!
    and the explanation (with pictures) of your photo set is so usefull and interesting... thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Absolutely amazing work, as usual! Your creations are just gorgeous.

    I'm sorry your ad wasn't up this morning. I accidentally deleted the Entrecard when I was updating ads. It's running now.

    Have a beautiful day. ~Krista

  3. Oh my gosh, Triz! You're definitely out of your beading rut. That pendant is gorgeous!!!

    It's also interesting seeing how you take your photos. I really need to work on mine, but there are so many other things that wind up taking up my time that I just never get around to it.

    I know your friend will LOVE what you created for her. :-)

  4. Wow, the new pieces are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the mechanics of your photo set-up as well.

  5. Wow, Triz - I do think you are out of your rut. That necklace is gorgeous and you know I love that bracelet!!!

    Thanks for sharing you photo technique with you, it's very interesting how your beautiful photos are taken, I can use all the help I can get with photo taking. All I can say is that photoshop is my friend :O)

  6. Your pieces are great. I too use my dining room table to photograph my food. Looks like we have the same set up. Great photos!

  7. Triz, your new pendant is gorgeous! It goes very well with the leather cords. Just LOVE it!

    Smadar :)

  8. Beautiful new pendant! Interesting to see your photo set up too.


  9. I love the pendant !
    Beautifully stitched, sleek looking design !
    Aaaaah, you make my day !

  10. Great setup for item photos. Looks a lot beter then 99% of the pics you would find on ebay.

  11. Yes, photography is tough! And you were in a beading rut?? What brought that on?

  12. Triz - thank you so much for your tips on photography. Your images are so beautiful, I had assumed you hired a professional photographer (I am *not* kidding - I really thought that). And that pendant, WOW. You're definitely out of that 'rut'. Thanks for sharing! Linda

  13. really nice pendant! i like! i like! and good tips on the photo set up too.

  14. Gorgeous pieces, I envy your talent!!

  15. Fabulous! Thank you for sharing your photo "studio" with us. Your work and presentation are inspirational and educational.


  16. Thanks so much for sharing your photography tips. Your pendant is absolutely beautiful! I'm sure your friend will love it. Your work is truly stunning! You're an inspiration to me. :-)

  17. Your photo set up is amazingly simple that produces professional photographs. I love all your designs and you are truly an inspiration.