Monday 7 April 2008

What I did today :-)

This has been a long time coming.... and today, I decided, after having spent the last few days beading on my bed... not too comfortable... to finally do a proper clear up of my beading table... and the truth is, I couldn't do that without rearranging all my bead boxes.... I can't believe I acutally did this but I actually took all my beads out of the containers, layed them on my dining table and colour co-ordinated them all back into the containers... and I'm glad I did, because there were so many beads I forgotten about and others I never used simply because they were placed next to a less than complementary colour, rather than one that shows it off.... colours change so much just by placing them next to other colours... so I discovered these new (for me) colour combinations that I wouldn't have necessarily thought of putting together.... but ultimately I'm so happy to have my table back... I'm so happy to be able to see the table top... but most of all I'm so happy I now know where all my beads are :-) I'm so looking forward to sitting down at my table tomorrow morning and start something new and fresh.... no clutter, just endless possibilities :-)

just look how lovely it looks now!!! :-)

even after I've put all my stuff back on the table :-)

I'm so proud!!! :-) Can't wait to start beading first thing tomorrow morning!!! :-D


  1. Triz, if you're ever in Oklahoma, will you clean up my beading mess?! :)

    Your table looks fabulous. Can't wait to see what you come up with using your new color combos.

  2. I need a little cleaning up also, are you coming to NY any time soon. LOL

    It looks really good, Looking forward to the new color combos

  3. LOL!!! you both made me laugh so much... you have no idea how much I hate cleaning, especially my beading table... but may free for a swap, I'll clean your tables in exchange for room and board ;-)

  4. lol.. its such a relief to know that im not the only one with the messy beading table. and glad to know im not the only one who works on my bed. lol!