Monday, 28 April 2008

My first birthday present!!!!! alomost glad to be a year older :-)

I took my son to day-care this morning, after 10 whole days at home... we are both still alive :-) am not sure who got on whose nerves more the last few days... the poor little chap, I'm not easy to live with :-) so was already over the moon to have a day to myself... the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and I was almost floating on air... Finally I could start exercising again, which I haven't done for so many months I'm ashamed to count them.... but the weight has piled on and sitting at my beading table or the computer does not burn too many calories, so I did my 85 minutes on the treadmill... feeling great... decided that this week i'm going to attempt to finish all the projects that need finishing and promised myself that I would not start anything new until at least 3 are completed. Well that was the plan... reality set in after a few hours of beading that 1) my legs and my not-so-little-bottom were killing me ,2) exercising on only 4 hours sleep after such a long break was probably not the smartest thing to do and 3) if I didn't go and take a break I would probably collapse from exhaustion... so I went to my room to catch up on some tv and rest... and just as I was about to relax.. .the door bell rang, the dog went nuts... I run to the door and am greeted by the postman who after all these years hasn't yet worked out that my Hebrew is terrible and I really don't understand a word he is saying, but he hands me a package and it's from my friend in Italy Alessandra of Ixela.... I open it curiously and.... the amazing person that she is has sent me one of her beautiful jewelry pieces. How absolutley thoughtful and gorgeous of her. Not only she sent me one of her gorgeous jewelry pieces but she actually sent me one of my favourites!!!!

Check this out!!!! this isn't the actual necklace, but the light is not good enough to take photos now. My necklace is very similar except that the gold chain has large pearls every 3 links... I can't begin to tell you how beautiful it is!!!! the picture does not do it justice. The large vintage crystal is so beautiful... I actually got terribly emotional and cried... like a soppy cow :-)

Thank you so, so, so much Ale!!!!! so nice of you and so unnecessary, but I absolutely love it!!!!!

In February I ordered one of her necklaces for my baby sis (I say baby because she's the youngest, however she is 35 :-D and has 2 babies of her own) and she loved it!!!!

So if you are thinking of surprising anyone or spoiling yourself, go and check out her shop. Her jewelry is classical with a twist. She even has some pieces with teddy bears and fish. I love it!!!!!

Go and pay her a visit at or go and visit her blog where she features different artists every week

I must mention this.... One thing that has come out of me opening my Etsy shop is that I met the most generous and amazing people, from all over the world, and Alessandra is one of them.

So again, and I'm sure she is going to get sick of hearing this.... but.... thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! You have made my day and probably my year!!! :-)

My birthday is not for another couple of days, and I'm sure by then my happy cheerful self will have completly vanished and in its place will be my usual I-hate-birthdays person... thankfully that person also vanishes within a few days after the dreaded day, when reality kicks in and I once again become thankful to just be, regardless of how old I'm getting :-)

Tomorrow... less excercise, maybe only 45 minutes, if I can acutally walk, and I can tell you, it does not look so good now.... lots of beading and hopefully I will be able to post my new pieces soonish :-)

In the mean time... wishing anyone who is celebrating their birthday a very happy one :-) and happy beading to the rest of you!!! :-)


  1. well... I have already told you Triz... but I would like to tell you again... you are the most precious encounter I made on the web... thanks for your friendship!!! and... tieni duro con la ginnastica, ma non esagerare!

  2. What a great gift, it's so beautiful.

    I have to agree with Alessandra, you are such a beautiful person and I am so glad our paths have crossed on the web.

    I am thankful for you friendship :O)


  3. oh Gosh!!! you are both going to make me cry!!! :-) thanks for your kind words... Ale, cerchero' di non esaggerare, ma di solito lo so che esaggero, comunque penso, dato che non riesco a camminare, che domani mi riposo le gambe :-) and Staci am also very grateful of our friendship... maybe one day we will all actually meet! :-) again thanks so much, both of u :-)

  4. Hi,
    Happy birthday!
    May you find only positives in your life this year and all the years to come.
    With warm regards,
    Your anonymous well-wisher & friend,