Wednesday 5 December 2007

Goodbye "Grey & Bronze Jellyfish"....

Well, I had to say good bye to one of my pieces today :-D.... I went to my bead supplier this morning, to pick up my order, and ended up selling my "Grey & Bronze Jellyfish" necklace that I was wearing for the first time.... I'm so chuffed not only that I sold it, but also that it was bought by a lovely lady, (Gloria from Bogal, who happens to see a LOT of beaded jewelry, as well as making her own.... What a GREAT compliment!!!!! am completely over the moon... and couldn't have happened at a better time.... I was feeling a bit low this morning.... weighed myself.... that's never a good thing.... or at least rarely (loss being the good thing ;-D).... and.... was becoming a bit discouraged regarding my work.... although, I have had nothing but amazing positive feed back.... I guess the combination of "winter blues", the scales pointing far too much to the right, and the fact that I haven't really sat down to bead for a while, made me lose my self-confidence.... but now it's back!!!! :-D thanks to my lovely supplier, not only for bestowing upon me such a huge compliment, but also because now I have a new stash of beads to play with!!!! :-D

Off to pick up my little monster now :-D and then we are off to my sister's house to light the second candle for Hannuka with her 4 kids!!! One thing I know for sure..... the scales won't be pointing further to the left tomorrow!!!.... only 6 more nights of Hannuka and then back on a diet! :-D

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