Saturday, 15 December 2007

a new technique learnt.... a new necklace created....

I'm sooooo exited!!!!!.... I just received the most amazing book from amazon.... The Art of Bead Embroidery by Heidi Kummli and Sherry Serafini.... What a book!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!! Probably one of the top 2 best beading books I ever bought! and I have quite a few....

This book is first of all visually stunning and also incredibly inspirational! The techniques are explained brilliantly.... in all, in case I didn't make myself too clear.... I LOVE this book!!!!!!! and I LOVE Sherri Serafini ( amd Heidi Kummli (!!!!!! I especially LOVE Sherri Serafini's bead embroidered handbags... you must check them out!!!!! Simply stunning ART!!!! ( I LOVE them for producing this book and sharing their work and techniques....
So after many, many hours of drooling over the book (I think that I may need a new copy soon), I finally sat at my beading table and beaded..... and this is my very first attempt at bead embroidery, and although not finished, and a really bad scanned photo, I couldn't wait to share it.... as soon as it is finished and Avia comes to take proper pictures, of course I will put it up for sale on etsy.... :-) but I couldn't wait till then, because I'm so proud and pleased with the result.... and especially how the back turned out... ( I used an old suede shirt, which I cut up, for the backing.... I like the idea of recycling my clothes.... I hated the shirt but I loved the suede, and now it's being used, instead of hanging at the back of my cupboard.... and there's enough suede there to probably do a few hundred projects)
I can't believe how natural it felt to bead embroider.... I guess I had some strange mental block against trying it.... but not only I took to it like a duck to water (thanks to the amazing book), but I thoroughly enjoyed making it and can't wait to start another one!!!! here is the result.... front and back... Looking forward to starting a new one, as soon as my schedule allows it :-)

yet to be titled (and properly photographed) will post the finished piece properly photographed at a later stage


  1. This is your FIRST attempt at bead embroidery???? That just does it! I now officially hate you! ;p Just kidding. I think you may found a different form of expression here. Wow.

  2. all you embroideries are stunning and so creative. Thanks for sharing
    A great sunny bonjour from French Riviera Triz