Tuesday 4 December 2007

Finally.... how it all started

After a whole month, of finally dealing with opening my etsy shop (http://www.triz.etsy.com/).... dealing with my REAL job (the one that pays my bills) and setting up this blog.... I finally managed to sit down in front of my beads and bead!!!! which is after all how and why I got to starting this blog.... and now, I finally get to sit down and write my first entry... :-D

My name is Triz, I live in Israel with my gorgeous 3 year old son and 2 dogs... I work from home and somehow ended up attending 4 beading classes (real basic) at my local bead shop....

Suddenly memories of joy flooded back to me.... and I started remembering how much I LOVED beading as a child... I started remembering how I used to bead weave on a cardboard-box loom(made by me).... I used to make bracelets with names.... I remember making them with each individual name for my whole class and giving them as going-home-presents at my birthday party.... I also remember making them in Forte dei Marmi (Italy) with my holiday friend Nicoletta, and selling them at the beach, and on the sidewalk in front of her house....

I remember how much I enjoyed beading.... how passionate I was about it... but what I can not remember is, how or why I stopped.... I have no recollection of making that decision, not to bead ever again.... where are my beads from then?.... the only thing I can think of, is when moving from Italy to England, at the age of 12, somehow all my beads got lost in the move (or thrown out by my parents) ... and somehow I just forgot about it.... I wasn't happy about the move, I guess losing my beads didn't worry me as much as losing my friends and all that was familiar to me....

so... here I am....28 years later.... and beading makes me just as happy as it made me then.... with one difference, I no longer use a loom, I hand bead weave or bead crochet my pieces... I'm obsessed.... I think, dream, breath beads!!!!.... hence the name to this blog ;-D

Am looking forward to filling these pages with my thoughts and my beadwork..... but now must make dinner and prepare the Hannuka candles.... my son is very exited!!! :-) and so am I! :-D

Wishing those of you who celebrate Hannuka, a very happy one.... don't forget: 1 doughnut = over 800 calories :-D

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