Friday, 26 October 2012

Belt Buckles

I’ve been very quiet… and absent… just finding it difficult to be a fulltime single mum and manage the rest of my life at the same time… I think it was easier when my son was little and had naps during the day but he’s 8 now and between homework, taking him to his extracurricular activities, dealing with the mountains of washing and dishes… and lets not forget simply loving him and being with him… there comes a point when I just can’t do more… so this year I guess I reached that point and although I may not have been terribly active on my blog it doesn’t mean that I have not been beading!!! :-)

During the summer I managed to make quite a few pieces and I have finally gotten around to taking  photos… and here are two of my newest pieces!!!

I’ve been meaning to make belt buckles for the longest time…. for two reasons, first, I love them and wanted to make some for me to wear with jeans and second, because they are fun quick projects to make and best of all I can use all my left over beads and don’t need to worry about quantities… I have a lot of leftover beads… so expect some more belt buckles in the future!!!
So here are my first two belt buckles:

Belt Buckle Turq blck coral 01 (3)    Belt Buckle Turq blck coral 02

Belt Buckle Turq brown orange 02     Belt Buckle Turq brown orange 01

There are loads more pictures of new jewellery to post (and loads I still have to take)… Hopefully after the weekend I’ll be able to put some more up.

Wishing all a fantastic weekend ahead!!! Smile


  1. le tue creazioni sono molto belle, complimenti se ti va passa da me

  2. Great to see you back, love the belt buckles!

  3. Hi Triz. I have been missing you on the your blog. The belt buckles are fantastic. I have made hundreds of belt buckles over the years. Love making them.
    Yep having a little on at home takes more time than you would think. Glad to hear from you.

  4. Evvivaaaa!!! Sei tornata!!!
    Mi sei molto mancata perchè ADORO tutto ciò che fai e il mio amore per l'embroidery è nato proprio grazie a te!! Complimenti anche perchè sei una mamma stupenda e non è sempre semplice.
    Queste fibbie, inutile dirlo, mi piacciono moltissimo!
    Ti abbraccio!

  5. You are so smart. My baby is 20, and away at college. I am SO thankful for all the time I spent when he was small and wanted to be with me. Your belt buckle is beautiful, and your heart is in the right place!

  6. Love the buckles. Enjoy your little one while you can they grow up way to fast. Happy Beading.

  7. Triz, your belt buckles are awesome! Such a clever idea and beautiful colors.

    Sounds like you're doing the very best you can and doing a great job, too. I bet you're a wonderful mom! <3