Monday 7 May 2012

Fiery Warrior

Where to begin… seems like…. feels like… I'm being pulled 1002 ways… don’t know why!!!! I stopped smoking almost 5 months ago…. and I somehow feel like I’ve lost my mind and replaced it with 10 kg!!!!  shocking!!! but I digress… again… which is why I can’t seem to get anything done lately… my mind is just everywhere!!!…  did I tell you I just turned 45!!!!!!!! 45??????? almost as shocking as the extra 10 kilos I put on since I stopped smoking!!!! so before I change the subject… again… here is what I manage to finish and photograph… these are the pieces where I tried to combine my newfound metalwork skills with my less new beadwork skills :-)
Fiery Warrior - Necklace 02 copy
Fiery Warrior - Cuff 03 copy  
The photos really don’t do these pieces justice…. but after 3 previous failed attempts due to massive sand storms which blocked out the sun for about a week (on and off)… this is the best I could do….
I sawed and textured the copper myself…. I’m soooo proud!!! :-)
If you want to read more about materials used and see more photos, click on the titles or pictures….
Ok… if I can keep my head straight for the next few days I should be able to work on the photos of my new metal pieces and then I’ll hopefully post them here ASAP!!!
In the meantime… let me know what you think of this metalwork/beadwork combo… happy beading!!! :-)


  1. Patrizia...
    Multi-media use when done with tast and technique is always beautiful. Your sense of color and style iis always, I love it!

  2. Splendida l'idea di combinare insieme materiali diversi! Sei veramente brava!!

  3. One word : magnificent !

  4. It's beautiful. You are a talented artist.
    I stopped smoking 10 years ago. I know the feeling.. It is not easy but worth it!
    keep the good job :)

  5. Happy late birthday. I too just had a birthday. I turned 60 OMG!!! it is so strange to say that. I feel 40. You look beautiful and this will be a great year for you.
    I love this piece too.

  6. Wonderful neck piece...the strap is fabulous :)
    -Eva Maria

  7. stunning metal- and beadwork!
    keep trying for your health, I was also there..

  8. I love both pieces! Wonderful job on the cuff, especially -- I love the idea of mixing beading and metal work. :)

  9. Your work is amazing. I will own some soon!!

  10. A very happy combo! Your work is always elegant and understated, and the metal really works with your style. Just breathtaking! And I empathize with the extra kilos too. Five unwanted pounds sneaked on to my body this winter, and I am in a fierce battle to get them back off. Good luck with that!

  11. Your work are just fantastic!!!!

  12. Your pieces are beautiful! And quitting smoking just purely sucks! Your mind is probably going in a million different direction because your stress is high? you need to create yourself a zen station. Something, some place that relaxes you and lets you release stress...can be anything...talking a walk...sitting on patio with your favorite fluffy blanket, taking a bath, burning candles, putting on headphones and shutting out the world around you, playing get my point ..what ever relaxes you. And take time to do it every day. Everyone says oh the first three days are the hardest..i say bull! the first three are a breeze. You know the urges are there and are prepared for them. It is several months down the road when your not expecting the urge and it hits you like a mac truck. I wish you the best and I hope you stick to it. Just remember to do nice things for yourself. And if you are spiritually inclined you can repeat this 7 times..."i give permission for these cravings to go away" each time a craving comes. You feel dumb at first doing it, but it can work. And oh yes...congrats!

  13. Hey Triz, have been waiting to see some of your metalsmithing with your beadwork. This is looking great and colours, as always, are fantastic. Hang in there with everything else. Know how you feel with mind going everywhere, really struggling to focus on what needs to be done these days. I don't have the smoking issue but I think most of us over 40 have that extra weight issue that never used to be a problem before. Bah Humbug!

  14. Beautiful! I love your style:)