Thursday, 28 October 2010

More Retro Cuffs

I’m not quite myself lately and it seems that every little thing is taking me forever to do… I have to get used to a whole new schedule as my son didn’t want to go to the school afternoon programme anymore, which means I pick him up at 1.45 pm everyday and of course have to give him lunch! :-) and then play with him… I’m not used to this middle of the day interruption to my work schedule so I’m completely thrown off my routine…. and I really don’t like change!!! :-)

I’m sure I will get used to it, eventually…. I hope so!!! :-)

Trying to fit in beading has been almost impossible… taking photos even worse… and blogging… well you know when the last time was that I managed to post anything… so tonight I’m staying up late just to do all of the above and here are (finally) the last four cuffs I made a few weeks ago:

Retro Drop – Cuff

Retro Drop - Cuff 02 copy
This cuff (above) was created around one of Golem Design Studio’s gorgeous pendants. Yes, I did say pendant… I like using pieces that fit my design ideas regardless of whether they are supposed to be used that way or not :-)

Retro Square – Cuff

Retro Square - Cuff 02 copy

Retro Square Black & Mustard – Cuff

Retro Square  black & mustard - Cuff 02 copy

Retro Square Red & Purple – Cuff

Retro Square Red & Purple - Cuff 03 copy

As you can see, I really like making these leather cuffs!!! and every time I sell one, I somehow make two more! ;-) I just love playing with different colour combinations and variations of this design + they look so gorgeous on!!!

Hopefully this weekend I will get some actual beading done…. I can’t go on more than a week without picking up needle, thread and beads… that’s ridiculous!!! I just hope my son can entertain himself and leave me some nice chunks of time where I can totally submerge myself in my beading!!! :-)

Till the next time…. :-)


  1. With two little ones myself, I know how much beading time they take up, Triz! LOL I'm sure life will settle into a familiar rhythm soon, and your gorgeous boy will allow you to bead more :-) These cuffs are wonderfully vibrant and retro! I like the bold, minimal colour schemes. Beautiful work, as always :-)

  2. Wow Triz these are awesome! I love the bright, bold colours.

    I hope you are able to get into a routine soon that involves time for beading as I love seeing your new creations!

    Gorgeous as always,


  3. I am happy to see that with even these "difficulties" you still manage to find some time to bead - I would miss your perfect and unique style otherwise... :) I hope your daily routine will get back to normal soon, but do not give it up! :) Aliz

  4. Gorgeous new work. Hopefully you'll get adjusted to your new routine soon! I know what you mean, when something changes like it's so frustrating. Lately my bf has been coming home WAY early from work everyday and it's nice to have him here, but at the same time such an annoying interruption.

  5. Triz - The leather cuffs are wonderful! I can completely see why you've apparently become addicted to creating them. That first one, with Golem's pendant, is amazing.

    Maybe you just need to get your son to start playing with beads... then you can bead together. :-)

  6. Thank you all so much!!! yes finding the time and energy seems to be a huge challange at the moment.... I will make time!!! :-)

    MaryLou, believe it or not I got my son to do some loom work (he wanted to) but he kept coming to me to re-thread the needle (6 yrs old little hands can't quite do it yet) :-) so that didn't work out too well in terms of beading together :-)

  7. Wooo!! Csodálatos munkák! Gratulálok!!

  8. stunning work! and believe me , blink and like me you'll be a grandmother :)

  9. for that 6 year old, when I taught beading in an elementary school after school program, some of the little ones had learned at home to thread the needle and THEN tie the tale in a knot at the bas of the eye of the needle. It would keep the thread in the eye of the needle. When they were older, we did away with that technique. My youngest was a second grader who, as all of the others did, learned peyote stitch excelently.