Saturday, 30 October 2010

It Only Took 5 Years….

Around 5 years ago, I went past my local bead shop (which no longer exists), and saw that they were offering beadweaving classes… I enrolled… and the reason I did so was because I wanted to make bags and incorporate some beaded elements on the bags…  that was 5 years ago!!! :-) My beadweaving repertoire has definitely grown since those early days and finally I designed (and made) my first bead-embroidered bag!!!!

bead bag 01 copy

It isn’t perfect… and there is definitely room for improvement, especially in the finishing and edging (which I’m not 100% happy with – yes, I’m a perfectionist! :-D)… but it’s good enough for me and I have been using it everyday!!! :-) I do love it!!! it’s the perfect size for walking around with enough room to fit my mobile phone, my keys, a small wallet, some tissues… you know, all the essentials! :-)

It wasn’t easy, and it took me way too long to complete… I think partly due to the fact that I was really worried about screwing up the suede (which isn’t cheap).. it took me about 4 1/2 days to complete, which is way too long, and am hoping that the next one will take about half the time…

I used one of Lisa Peters Art’s gorgeous large cabochons/tiles that I've had in my collection for a while and thought this would be the perfect project for it, and some lovely Swarovski crystals that complemented the colours depicted in the cab.

The beadembroidery was done directly onto the suede, which I’m not so sure I will do again, because when I wanted to unpick, it left holes in the suede (in this case it didn’t matter as the piece grew larger and covered the bits I unpicked, but in the future it might be a problem… I think next time I will bead onto beadbacking and then add it to the suede/leather.

I’m dying to make another one… although am a bit apprehensive about how long it took… well I’m a bit apprehensive as I’m not completely comfortable with how to finish it, so I guess the next one will be experiment number 2! :-)

Let me know what you think… .and if you have any ideas for the edging I would be very grateful to hear them! :-)

Happy beading everyone!!! :-)


  1. I cannot really express it how much I like this bag, its design is just perfect - though you do not think it is. :) Congratulations, and I am waiting for the next ones. Aliz

  2. Well worth the wait! I'm jealous ;)

    My only complaint is that the photo isn't larger because I would love to see every last detail in this beauty!

  3. This is awesome!!! I love it Triz!

  4. Triz,
    You've outdone yourself again. It's beautiful.

  5. I like it way much, Triz! A red one would be great, maybe sometime? ;^)

  6. I love the design and colours, beautiful. What is the handle made from?

  7. Beautiful, Beautiful bag triz, but who would have expected anything less!!

  8. I love your work and this is no exception.

    You are right, you should not sew directly to the bag. If you go out to lunch and spill wine on the bag all of your work is ruined; however, if you have sewn to a backing the beadwork can be saved. In addition, sewing to a backing and then to the bag puts a piece of leather between the beadwork (and thread) and whatever you throw into your bag, i.e. keys, pens, phones, etc... This will likely add to the longevity of the beadwork.

    The piece is lovey and I am sure you will always treasure it. I am also sure that after you have made a few bags you will KNOW what you should have done differently. Knowing that, however, will not take away from the beauty of what you have made.

  9. Vonderful bag, I love its design and colours very much!!!

  10. That is awesome! Gosh I have always loved the craft of making bags and bought so many patterns to make bags and only ever managed to make a library bag for my niece which I embellished...but to make one like this...ohhhhh!

    Well done for persisting with this was clearly worth the wait!!


  11. Hi Triz, so great to stop by here and see your FABU bag...oh my, I think you are definitely on to something so DON'T STOP NOW!!!! Your perfectionism is what creates your beauty-isms :>]]

    Isn't it interesting how the roads we follow lead us in their own directions for awhile - and then bring us back to where we began?! Great story!

  12. Your work is so phenomenal I thought you've been beading for much longer. Five years???

    I think the bag is lovely as it is. Good you didn't add too many distarctions like pockets and such so it brings the focus on the beading which I think is super cool. Well done.

  13. wow!!! thank you all so much for your wonderful commnents!!!

    Sandy: a red one is definitely in the plans, especially as I bought a huge red leather hide! :-)

    Judy: the handle is made of suede thongs

    KJ: I never thought of the possibility of spilling something on it, but you are right, the idea of ruining the bag after all that work is more than I can bare! :-) I did forget to mention that the bag is lined.

  14. Oh yay!!! You finally finished it!!! It came out just gorgeous, any imperfections are probably just in your eyes, it looks impeccable from here! :) I'm so proud of you for sticking with it and finishing it in the end, I'm sure the next project will be even better!!! :) xx

  15. Awesome Post by you, like the images, if there is available of zoom it will be the great option to view this in enlarge view

  16. Hi Triz
    The bag is absolutely beautiful. I have been designing and making bags since I was a kid and still make them today. All sorts and sizes. This style of bag you should do the beading on my BeadBacking and the place it on the leather. This also makes it easier to line the bag. I am so amazed at the finish of this bad even though you are not.
    I love it!!!

  17. Thank you!!! :-)

    Jewelry Exchange: you can find a larger version on flickr:

    Thank you Nicole, I did put the suede over your beadbacking, but I think next time I will do the beadwork on your beadbacking then add it to the leather/suede :-) but i still need to improve on the finish, honestly! :-)

  18. Impeccable beadwork and design, love it!