Monday, 30 August 2010

Queen Boudicca – OOAK Cuff

Remember the Queen Boudicca Necklace I posted a few weeks ago? I wrote at the end how I wished I had another same-shaped cab from Lisa Peters Art so I could make myself a similar necklace? Well… shortly after I posted my blog, Carol Dean from SandFibers contacted me, telling me she had 2 similar cabs (also from Lisa Peters Art) and that she would send them to me the next day!!! How generous is that?!?!?

A week later I got them in the mail and eagerly started making myself the necklace (of course I forgot to take photos, but it’s similar to the original except for instead of hanging from a beadwoven necklace it hangs from a 3-strand leather choker, mainly because I was too lazy to beadweave a whole necklace just for me & because I was running out of black matte seed beads)… I love my new necklace!!!!!!!!!!!!! but Carol Dean sent me 2 cabs… hmmm what to do with the second one??? :-)

I started beading…. and the next thing I know… it developed into this cuff:

Queen Boudicca – OOAK Cuff

Boudicca - cuff 02 copy

Boudicca - cuff 04 copy

My only regret is that I can’t show you this piece in real life… it is so amazing…. powerful…. I just love it!!!

and as I have Carol Dean to thank for her generosity which led to my new necklace and this new cuff… I wanted to show some of SandFibers gorgeous beadwork that is for sale!

Click on the pictures to be taken to the listings for these cuffs and don’t forget to browse her shop for a huge selection of beadwork!!! SandFibers also offers lots of patterns for sale!!!

Thank you so much Carol Dean for those cabs, they really made my day and now I’m the proud owner of a incredibly gorgeous necklace! :-)


  1. Wow - this cuff is really OOAK!

  2. Wow. The cuff is GORGEOUS, Triz :D I'm so thrilled you were able to make (such amazingly QUICK) use of both of those cabs.

    And thank you for showing my work. It was totally unnecessary but absolutely, completely appreciated, my friend. *hugs*

  3. Triz, this cuff is amazing! It does have a certain magical power about it. I bet it feels wonderful to wear! Gorgeous work :-)

  4. Thank you Steufel! :-)

    Carol Dean, it's amazing how quickly I can work when I'm inspired :-) and between your generosity to part with those cabs and the beauty of all LPA cabs, how could I not be inspired! + I really wanted that necklace badly! :-) thank you!!!

    Belinda, thank you! :-) Not only it feels wonderful to wear but it looks soooo good on! it's one of those that looks better worn than in photos :-)

  5. What a lucky girl to receive such beautiful cabs! I can see why you wanted more!

    I love the cuff - the colours you have used are gorgeous. I am yet to make a beaded cuff - I really should give this a go!!


  6. The cuff is really beautiful and such gorgeous colors. Thank you for sharing this. You really sound excited about the new cabs! Happy beading.

  7. Hi Triz, yes Carol is a pretty special lady. Here designs are amazing and she is very generous.

  8. Miki and me just perused your Triz Designs site - blew us away - keep inspiring cyberspace!