Sunday, 13 June 2010

Birthday parties and Red Poppies…

I’ve been so busy with the preparations for my son’s 6th birthday!!! Although his actual birthday is not till the 2nd July, due to the summer holidays we had his school party two weeks ago and his big party this past Friday… Who would have thought preparing for a 6 year old party would consume so much of my time!!! OK, so I did go overboard with the cakes…. and I did burn the first 3 I made!!! but all in all they turned our great!!!

This was his cake at school:

spiderman cake 01

gan 24

He shared both birthday parties with his good friend and neighbour who chose to have the main party at a horse riding ranch! what a brilliant idea that turned out to be!!! The kids had so much fun and it was so nice to have a kid’s birthday party that was different to the usual, and all kids got to ride on the horses!!! Even my brave little Ethan (who was really scared to begin with) absolutely loved it!!!

This is my favourite picture of the day – he looked so cute with his riding hat on!!!

et 18

and for this party he wanted me to make him an igloo cake with penguins… and I obliged:

et igloo 2010

I loved making the igloo and the cake itself turned out delicious!!!! and didn’t melt even in the 36 degrees heat wave we had, which I was really worried about!!!

I am so glad the whole thing is over though… it was a lot of work, worry, preparations, etc. … On his actual birthday I’m planning to take him to the pool for a nice relaxing day and then dinner with my sister and her kids….

And in between all this I also had to deal with my real job, which almost made me miss the deadline to enter the first BAO challenge “A Novel Idea”, but I managed to get it together and here is my entry:

Red Poppy – OOAK Bracelet

red poppy bracelet 04 copy

red poppy bracelet 01 copy

This is the first time the BAO are putting on a challenge so I really wanted to make sure I entered!

Voting will take place on the BAO blog between the 15th – 22nd June, so go during that week to check out the entries and vote for your favourite!


  1. The cakes look incredible and so does your piece for the challenge. Wow, I love those colors! regards Stefanie

  2. Triz, I am in awe of your cake-making ability! Ethan's cakes are just wonderful, no wonder he loved them :-) It looks like he had a great time riding horses, he looks right at home in that photo ;-) Happy birthday for July 2, Ethan!

    Your bracelet is really beautiful, the colours are so regal. The woven band is unusual and stunning! Gorgeous as always :-)

  3. Looks like Ethan had a wonderful day. Your cakes are amazing. Spencer can't decide if he wants Spiderman, Batman or Ben 10 for his cake in October so I am hoping he doesn't want two!

    I love your bracelet too. Your beadindg is always impeccable. Gorgeous!


  4. Beautiful bracelet!!
    Wonderful beadwork!!