Friday, 28 May 2010

The best laid plans….

Remember how in the last post I wrote about Janice Abarbanel of Naftali’s gorgeous cabochons that she sent me…. and how I was going to make something out of them for the Bead & Button Show…. and how I was going to “have to” ship them by Tuesday or Wednesday at the very latest!!!…. well… the best laid plans… Tuesday and Wednesday I had to deal with some unpleasant legal stuff, which I won’t bore you with… but I had to deal with it!…. and I thought never mind, I’ll finish the necklace off Thursday morning and send it by 4 pm on the same day…. what I hadn’t taken into consideration was my little boy getting really sick yesterday and having to spend all day trying to nurse him back to health…


he’s a bit better today, still has a bit of a fever but he is on the mend…. So the necklace was finally finished yesterday night… after having made 3 other chokers for it till I finally made this one which I liked the best! (hopefully I will use at least one of the other chokers for something else). Here is the finished piece:

jay lin 01 copy

I’m really, really happy with how it turned out…. and hope that Janice likes it too! :-) and…. really, really hope that it gets to the US in time before Janice leaves for the Bead & Button Show! I’m going to send it express first thing Sunday Morning (should take 4-5 days)… this is cutting it so short, but unfortunately sometimes life happens and it interferes with our best laid plans! If all goes well, and you are one of the lucky ones going to the Bead & Button Show, go and check out Janice Abarbanel of Naftali’s booth (#1244) and you should be able to see this piece in the flesh! :-)

Wishing everyone a very happy weekend! happy beading! :-)


  1. Triz - sorry to hear about the unpleasant business you had to deal with and hope your son is back to 100% real soon. He's gotten SO big!

    I was slowly scrolling down as I was reading and went to see the necklace and . . . did you hear me gasp??? I absolutely LOVE it! It couldn't have been any nicer! I'm looking forward to displaying it at the show - I'm sure it'll be a big hit! Thanks so much for collaborating with me. We should do this again - next time - no time constraints!

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous! The colour combinations are simply divine!

    Warm wishes to your son, hope he recovers soon!

  3. Triz, this is stunning! Absolute perfection!

    Here's a thought: If you send it to Janice's hotel, instead of her home, it will definitely get there during B&B.

  4. Triz, your necklace is absolutely gorgeous! You have done a fantastic job of creating a beautiful home to showcase those cabs...Janice is sure to love it ;-)

    I hope your gorgeous little man gets better soon!

  5. Absolutely beautiful!! I hope your son is completely recovered and of course I wish you both luck at the show.

  6. Hey Triz so sorry your baby boy (growing up fast) is sick. Hope he is feeling better by now. The piece is simply beautiful. As is all of our art. I have an invitation to the Bead n Button party. It happens every other yeart I think. However, I will not be able to attend. Wish I could send you my ticket.
    Talk to you soon

  7. Gorgeous necklace as always...hope you son is on the mend & life is back to what you consider normal!


  8. Great article thanks. I love reading your blog.

    I bought this beading book awhile back and I wanted to say I highly recommend it. Anyone that loves beading as a hobby should have this book

  9. I really love your blog - and your work is just amazing. Nikki x