Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Stepping Stones Cuff

It feels like ages since I posted anything new... and am happy to finally do so!!! This cuff was so much fun to make and at the same time took forever!!!!  The main part  was ready weeks ago, and I was about 3 hours away from the end.... I had a complete mental block towards it and refused to finish it!... probably because I wasn't 100% happy with it.... it's the over-achiever-perfectionist-nutcase in me :-)  Now that it's finished, finally, I do LOVE it!!! I really love the colours! I used lots of shades of grays and bronze, accented with dark purple Swarovski pearls and light gray fresh-water pearls.... full of sparkle!!!   What can I say... I just love bead-embroidery!!!! and am now going to hide in my bedroom and start something new!!!

To see more information on this cuff click on: Stepping Stones Cuff or the photo.

Tonight is Seder night (1st night Passover) - I will be spending it with my sister and her family... am looking forward to it!  although am sure I will be regretting the over-eating which tends to happen at every Jewish gathering... it's a curse... almost like all sense of reality and what is right escapes you, and you are no longer able to understand when you are satiated and full.... so you eat more... and more... and more!!! :-) I'm full already just thinking of it!!! :-)

Hoping to survive a ridiculous amount of food :-) and wishing everyone a happy Passover!!!


  1. Happy Passover! And congratulations on an absolutely LUSCIOUS creation! wow :D

  2. The colors of the grey pearls and the magenta fabric are striking! Beautiful work, as usual:)


  3. It's absolutely gorgeous! I love all of the texture. I'm with you though...putting unfinished pieces off for a while. But I like working that way, it gives you time to contemplate the best option to work through rough spots on your pieces.

  4. Wow Triz !! you have outdone yourself... Stunning... I silently follow you and just love all your work... but just had to say WOW !!


  5. It's absolutely amazing!!
    And happy Passover!

  6. This is really a wonderful piece!Love the colors and pearls mix

  7. Absolutely stunning Triz...couldn't be more perfect!!!!!

    Happy Passover to you...enjoy your time with your sister and her family!


  8. Your cuff is great, I love it! Simply awesome =D

  9. This is my first visit to your blog and I was immediately drawn to the photo of the exquisite cuff. W-O-W!!!
    It is absolutely magnificent and I can't wait to look at the rest of your divine designs now!

  10. Thank you Shirley! :-)

    and welcome and thank you Adagio Beadcrafters!!! :-)