Thursday 19 June 2008

Lots of Treasuries!!!! :-)

treasury 11

Wow!!!! I'm so honoured to have been featured in so many treasuries lately...  Here are some of the most recent active ones:

Be Dazzaled! curated by wMarlaine.  This treasury runs out on Saturday 21st June.

Below is a sample of her beautiful beadwork. Go check out her shop!

Shades of Purple Freeform Peyote Bracelet 3

Thank you Marlaine for  including my Caramel Blossom Earrings

 Caramel Blossom 07 copy

treasury 12Preferably Intravenous!

This treasury expires on Saturday 21st June.

Now we are talking!!!!  anyone who knows me, knows what a complete and utter choccaholic  I am.... I don't mean I like it, I mean I lose all sense of what is right and wrong in the presence of anything that has chocolate in it!!!! :-)

This gorgeously yummy... mmmmm delicious treasury was created by SandFibersSurplus.  Carol Dean of SandFibers makes beautiful modern beaded jewellery! if you don't already know her work you should definitely check her shop out!!!

This is one of my favourite pieces:

Two for One-- Beaded Larvikite Pendant on Black Obsidian and Crocheted Necklaces

Thank you Carol Dean for including my Chocolate Blossom Earrings in this wonderful treasury.Bronze Flower 01 blog









treasury 13

Did anyone call for a cab?

What a great collection of beaded cabs!!! I'm honoured, once again, to have been included in this wonderful treasury.  Treasury expires Saturday 21st June.

Thank you GrandmaMarilyn for including my Green,Purple and Pearl Necklace



Go and check out GrandmaMarilyn's shop and see some wonderful beadwork!  Here is one of my favourites:

Pearl and Candy Jade Bracelet and Earrings Set BQS0001

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  1. Thank you for the writeup, Triz. You really need to make a comment in the forum links so that more of the members will be able to find your blog posts.