Wednesday 16 January 2013

Enchanted Forest

In keeping with my non-procrastinating attempts…. I locked myself in my room… I made three new soutache pieces… but not only did I make them… but I also pulled myself away from making any more so I could take pictures, post them and blog about them!!! I’m determined not to procrastinate!!!! 

These pieces were inspired by childhood memories of being in a forest and pretending that it was a magical forest…

Enchanted Forest Necklace 01
Enchanted Forest Necklace 02

Enchanted Forest Earrings 03

Enchanted Forest Pendant 03

I’m so please with how these pieces turned out… can’t wait to get back to the beading table (or in my case the beading bed :-D )… I want to make some more earrings… I really love the look of soutache earrings and NEED to make a few pairs for myself :-)


  1. These are beyond GORGEOUS, beyond words even...
    whew. lost my breath.

  2. I wish I was as determined as you in fighting procrastination! Maybe I would make gorgeous beadwork too! :D Love the earrings beyond words

  3. I love all of these as well. The earrings are amazing. Glad you are no procrastinating now. LOL

  4. Absolutely stunning pieces!

  5. Beautiful work, very mysterious forest.

  6. you made these all in ONE day!? Holy smokes! They are stunning!

  7. Yes, absolutely beyond GORGEOUS, such symmetry! I was really intrigued by your riffing on *procrastination*, which is my main character feature/flaw (are you a leo by any chance? Leos are known to be great procrastinators) - and my worst procrastination-"enemy" is the internet .... I also loved the St. Petersburg bracelet, so effective! See you soon, Betsy

  8. again, Wow! I so love your beadwork! Beautiful!