Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Indian Summer

It’s November… not that you could tell by looking at the weather we are having here… the temperature has dropped slightly… about 3-5 degrees… it’s so unbelievably hot still!!! but at least the nights are cooler than they were in the summer… and thankfully it isn’t as humid!!! 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT complaining… I love the summer, and am not too crazy about the winter… but it would be nice if the temperature would drop a little bit… I don’t know, down to maybe 20-22 degrees.

The thought of Autumn but the reality of what we actually have makes me think of Indian summers and inspired me to create this necklace and matching cuff.

Indian summer Necklace 03

What I’m most proud of in this piece is the beaded caps and closure.  I love wearing leather necklaces but don’t really like how they are usually finished, so I tried to improve on the finish by creating beaded end caps, I think they smarten up the whole look and I’m really pleased how they turned out!

Indian summer Necklace 02

Indian Summer OOAK Cuff

Indian summer cuff 01

Indian summer cuff 02

Indian summer cuff 03

I really love how this cuff turned out! I love using the metallic silver leather!!! and I love the edging, it came out so pretty and the cuff looks amazing on!!!

More silver leather cuffs to follow as soon as I get around to working on the photos!
Till then… happy beading! Smile


  1. Love the cooling colour combinations against the Indian summer.

  2. I really love them, they're slightly different from your usual bit still your style :)

  3. Well you know me I dislike to the point of hate winter. LOL These pieces however, are dreamy. They look like something you would see in a dream. Beautiful.

  4. Sei una certezza! I tuoi lavori mi incantano...le forme i colori...tutto una gioia per gli occhi!!

  5. Lovely bead design work... keep them coming :-)