Friday 11 November 2011

I LOVE Turquoise! :-)

OK… so I absolutely LOVE turquoise…. and I usually purposely try to stay away from it, because otherwise all I would ever wear, use, think about is turquoise!!!  But every so often I indulge myself and allow the turquoise to take over my life! :-)

I mentioned in my last post that I made some jewellery for my cousin’s daughter’s Bat-Mitzvah…. and that with her permission (which I got) I would post the photos of the gorgeous Bat-Mitzvah girl wearing the jewellery I made for her…. so here she is my gorgeous cousin modelling OOAK Triz Designs :-)

Rina 01  Rina 02

Note, she’s wearing a turquoise dress! :-)

For the Bat-Mitzvah party I bought myself this gorgeous teal satin top… so of course I wanted to wear something to go with it… and the ideas started flowing!!!! here are some of the pieces I made to go with that top…

Around & Around – Bead Embroidered Necklace

Around & Around - Turquoise Necklace 01 copy

Around & Around – Bead Embroidered Silver Leather Cuff

Around & Around - Turquoise cuff 03 copy

Around & Around – Bead Embroidered Earrings

Around & Around - Turquoise earrings 02 copy

There are more… but the pictures didn’t come out too great so I want to retake them… unfortunately two weeks ago, if tripped over, fell down, somehow landed on my chest…. either cracked a rib or bruised it really badly and hurt my left hand pretty badly too… so I spent the last two weeks feeling very sorry for myself :-( + I was in quite a bit of pain, so didn’t do more than I had to… walked the dogs, looked after my son, helped with homework, did the washing… you know daily chores… and any spare time I had I spent it laid out flat on my back trying no too move too much to try and give my ribs a chance to heal… and just as they started to hurt less… I get a bloody stinking cold!!!!! So I thought before it gets worse and I end up in bed again, I would quickly post this…. the other pieces will have to wait till next time…

Till then, enjoy your weekend and carry on beading! :-)


  1. Beautiful Beadwork:-)

  2. I love turquoise too, and the jewelry you made is spectacular. And... silver leather??? Wow. Did you buy it, or did you spray paint ordinary leather, if you don't mind my asking?

    Beautiful work!

    -- Sarah

  3. I love turquoise, too! All of your pieces are gorgeous. So sorry about your accident. :( I hope that you're feeling better now!

  4. thank you all very much!

    Sarah: ths silver leather is exactly that, I didn't paint it, someone gave me some sample pieces of it... here is a link I found on etsy:

  5. Hi Triz first I am so sorry about the fall you took and ofcourse now the cold. Rest and drink lots of beer, ooopssss I mean water and juice. LOL
    Your cousin is beautiful as are the pieces you made.
    Sending healing energy

  6. You poor thing! I am so sorry that you got hurt like that... But once again, I am amazed to see the things you can do with your favorite color, and I am in love with your cuff bracelet! Hope You heal real fast.

  7. Beautiful pieces, get well soon :)

  8. Beauteous! Your niece is charming and adorable in your jewelry. I love turquoise too!!!