Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Bloody Mary!

I was introduced to a Bloody Mary on a plane journey on the way to Las Vegas with friends who described it as the best drink to have for breakfast! :-) I wasn’t convinced, as I really don't like tomato juice… but I took one sip and I was hooked!!! My first a.m. drink… and now every time I fly it’s the drink I ask for! :-)

The richness of the reds used in my new cuff reminded me of that drink and a great time in Las Vegas! :-)

Bloody Mary – Red Leather Cuff

Bloody Mary - Red Leather Cuff 01 copy
I will be teaching this cuff at the workshop tomorrow… so excited!!! and will be making kits for this as soon as my order of Swarovski crystals and pearls arrives… so stay tuned!:-)

Happy beading!!! :-)


  1. Wow!!! red passion, I like it!

  2. Nothing like Vegas, Bloody Marry, and your beautiful cuff.

  3. So funny, Triz, because that was the first time I tried a bloody mary, too, in between flights while heading to Vegas! Your post really brings back some great memories. And now I want that cuff for my next visit out there!

  4. Your cuffs are just absolutely beautiful. Very inspirational.

  5. I've never tried a Bloody Mary but if it's anything like your gorgeous cuff then I'll have several!