Sunday, 12 September 2010

Volcanic Collection – 4 New Pieces!

It all started off with me receiving some absolutely stunning cabochons and buttons from MAKUstudio… and that was an accomplishment in itself!!! Every time a new cab was posted on her facebook fan page, I would click on the link and…. it would be already sold!!!! Am not surprised because her pieces are so yummy… anyway, so I managed to put an order in and received them about a week later… and got out the few I had bought from her a while ago…. and all I could think when looking at these gorgeous pieces was…. fire… earth… lava… volcano… ancient… tribal… primitive…. so I gathered my beads (another accomplishment as they are spread all over my flat) and started to bead my first piece which is designed for the Bead Art Originals “No Bones About It” September Challenge. We are supposed to design a piece inspired by the TV character Temperance Brennan from the series "Bones."

The character, Temperance Brennan, is a forensic anthropologist who works together with the FBI to solve murders. She is often seen wearing gorgeous tribal and ethnic jewellery and I love this series!!!! :-)

Her jewellery style and her profession inspired me to design this gorgeous primitive/tribal-influenced piece featuring two of MAKUstudio’s gorgeous cabochons (actually the top one is a button that I used as a cab).

Volcano Goddess – OOAK Necklace

volcano goddess - OOAK Necklace 02 copy
Then as soon as I finished this, I got loads of ideas for making more pieces with MAKU’s raku ceramic cabs…. first came the cuff:

Volcanic Rock – OOAK Cuff

Volcanic Rock - OOAK Cuff 04 copy
then another necklace…

Volcanic Rock – OOAK Necklace

Volcanic Rock - OOAK Necklace 04 copy

(both the necklaces and the cuff above use all MAKUstudio raku ceramics)

and then of course the earrings…

Volcanic Rock – Earrings

Volcanic Rock - Earrings 02 copy
and I wanted to make more… but I run out of dark copper beads and almost the black ones too!!! (more ordered and on their way!)

So I put this collection aside… and started a new one! Still have to work on the photos and decide on a name…. but I’ll tell you this, the colour combination for it is coral red, black, ivory and gold… and it is GORGEOUS!!!! and I made THREE necklaces and THREE bracelets!!! I’m in a total beading frenzy!!!! and…. just now as I was typing, the doorbell rang…. the postman is here with my order of copper and black beads!!!! The only problem is, I actually run out of Fireline… my dad, who is coming to Israel on Tuesday is bringing me loads…. so I guess no beading till then :-) and just as well as I have loads of work to do for my ‘real’ job! :-)

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead! :-)


  1. Oh my god. Bones would love it.

  2. Oh Triz, you make primitive look SO good! These pieces are all gorgeous...they have an edgy beauty to them ;-) The cuff is my favourite, I love the unusual design. Can't wait to see your next inspired collection!

  3. Hi Triz!
    How are you?
    WOW! This is really NOT ordinary!!! I love the goddess necklace! Absolutely wonderful!

    Have a nice week and lots of new ideas!!!

    Regards from Germany, Daniela

  4. Wow they are great. I will have to take more note of Temperance Brennan next time I watch Bones. Rarely watch TV as usually too busy. They really do give that primitive - volcanic look. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Ich mochte wirklich die Blog-Eintrag. Ich habe ein Blog, wo Sie auf meine Liste gesetzt wurden.

    Grüße, Monika