Sunday 22 November 2009

BAO Item of the Week

A super quick post today! My poor son has been sick with really high fever (41 Degrees Centigrade) since Friday (suspected swine flu – suspected because no one can actually say if it is or not!)… so I’ve been up for the last 2 nights with him and spent yesterday at the emergency clinic and today at the doctor… a couple more days and it should be all over… and they tell me that within the next 3-5 days I should know whether I caught it or not! something to look forward to!!! :-)

So my apologies for posting this late, but here are this week’s BAO Items of the Week:

bao item of the week
My Item this week is:

Ridin’ the Wave – Bangle

Purchase and pay for this bangle between now and the 26th November and receive 15% OFF + FREE shipping to anywhere in the world!!

Visits the BAO blog and find out what specials offers are attached to this week’s items!

Wishing everyone a healthy week ahead!!! :-)


  1. I hope your son is better soon. My kids all got it and it was pretty much over by day 5. Knock on wood my husband and I have avoided it.

  2. Hi Triz

    I hope your baby feels better soon and you do not get this, its NO fun at all. Had it with three of my five and then myself..ugh.


  3. Wonderful bangle...turquoise, purple and silver all my favorite colors!!!

    Hope your son is better soon, it is difficult to see our children sick!!!
    I hope you don't get sick...