Monday, 19 January 2009

Kumihimo Braids + BAO Items of the Week

Yes, I'm still here :-) it's been a very quiet week... I've had, what I suppose I would call, the blues...  The situation here and around the world has been worrying me, so I've literally been glued to the news in an almost obsessive manner, and have not felt like doing very much and at the same time doing loads of little things....

I have been beading, but at an almost un-natural snail pace.... I started making a flower that I had an idea for, and no joke, but I only managed to make 1 petal per day!!! and that is ridiculous seeing that each petal takes about 30-40 minutes to make!!!  the flower is still not ready... I'm on the last petal and did 1/2 yesterday, but cannot for the life of me sit down and finish it!!!

kumihimo samplesI also just bought a kumihimo disk (and book) and I am learning how to use it... I've so far managed to do the basic braid.... I will be attempting more elaborate braiding soon...  all I can say is that I love it!!! once I got into the rhythm, I found myself being able to do it in my bed whilst watching, what else, the news! :-)  see the samples on the left.  All 3 were braided using the same technique, I just changed the colours and yarns.  The middle one is the one I'm using for the Flower button below.



A few months ago I bought one of Lisa Peters Art's gorgeous Handmade Raku Fired Ceramic - Brown Lustre - Flower Shank Button (see left photo - you can see a similar one here) and I started making a necklace for it using one of the kumihimo braids I made.  The necklace is completely different to anything I've ever made and I love it!!!! however, I am struggling a bit with how to end the braid and whether to create a clasp or not... I've left it for a couple of days... but come back and check out  what (eventually) I decide to do with it! :-)  I became familiar with Lisa Peters' gorgeous work through the Bead Art Originals to which we both belong. ... which brings me to this week's items from the BAO



bao item of the week

My item this week is:
Turquoise Delight Cuff

Purchase and pay for this item between now and 25th January and receive 10% off + FREE shipping.



Please visit the BAO and check out all the amazing bead artists that belong to this group and be sure to check out the Items of the Week and see what specials are being offered this week:


  1. This week's item is a splendor!

  2. I think it is understandable you've had the what ever makes you feel better!

    The kumihimo braiding looks interesting...I wonder, can you do it with leather, don't see why not??? That I would like to try!!!

    Of course your Turquoise Delight cuff is beautiful...

    Be safe and well...

  3. thank you! :-) and Heather, you can do it with leather, I tried it, I even tried it with fake suede (see picture with 3 examples of braids, it's the one on the left, the brownish one with the fluffy stuff sticking out of it) and the results are great... I was just about to try another one :-)

  4. An article recently reported that the news can lead to depression. In light of the world events it is no surprise that any of us would not be a bit blue.

    Lovely way to work it out:)

    Nico Designs

  5. Turn off the news! It only depresses everyone! Look at what loveliness you create--things cannot be so bad!

  6. I'm with Lin. Just turn it off. And I don't mean you need to bury your head in the sand and pretend everything is okay. Maybe just limit yourself to 1/2 an hour of news a day.

    :) Darcy

  7. I know, I know, you are both right!!! I just find it hard to do! :-) my dad is even worse than me, he's like that all the time, wherever in the world he may be he either listens or watches the news on the hour every hour and in a few languages... :-) i have to say that the last week or so I have forced myself to watch some commedies in the evening in between headlines... to cheer me up and not to go to bed with images of war...

  8. There is something so meditative about creating those braids! And it's so much fun experimenting with different fibers. You can even make them with pre-strung strands of beads! Have fun!!!

  9. Sorry to hear you've been blue, Triz...I think it's understandable. I hope this week finds you watching more comedies and less news bulletins :)

    I love those kumihimo braids you've created...can't wait to see what you do with them :)

    Love the Turquoise Delight cuff...just exquisite!

    Take care,

  10. Hey Gal...Jimmy and I saw the movie 'Defiance' on Saturday. I needed a Prilosec when it was over, my stomach was churning so...from the 1200 people who lived, and survived in the forest during WWII for almost 3 years, over 10,000 are alive today. So similar to the Maccabee band of brothers, these brothers fought back and lived...lest we forget, NEVER are all in my safe...wish I could sit w/ you for a bit...we could make baubles together...:)))))

  11. Yes Carol Dean, there is something very meditative about those braids and cannot wait to experiment a bit more! :-)

    Thank you so much Belinda!!! :-)

    and my dearest Amy! :-) Absolutely never again!!!! and thank you!
    I wish we could sit together too... r u planning a trip? ;-) u r always wecome in my home! :-)

  12. I love the color choices you made for your kumihimo braids!

  13. Hi! I am new to your blog! My name is Grazia and I am from Italy. You make really beautiful jewelry ^__^ But I think everyone says the same thing ^__*
    I am sorry that you are so sad.
    Things will change someday.
    A warm hug and let me leave here some fairy dust ^__^

    Grazia /*Silagà*

  14. I adore your work! It is just amazing!! I can see the necklaces on a red carpet event with a very simple gown to make a statement. Very inspiring!! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Coming to your blog is the real relax to me. Beauty of your creations replaces all my worries with the smile of the gratitude. Thank you, dear artist.
    Each time I rejoice over your site more and more. Thus I am proud to have you on my blogroll and thank you for that priviledge once again.

  16. Yey Kumihimo! I'm addicted, too - mostly to all the gorgeous ribbon colors I can buy with a proper excuse now. :) Yours are lovely! And your blog is always a joy to visit.

  17. I can understand your worry - what a situation. Be safe, please! The braiding is very nice - can't wait to see what you do with it!