Saturday 4 October 2008

I've been featured!!! :-)

It feels like a lifetime since I last posted something.... but I've been busy beading the Sherry Serafini's "A Mermaid's Attire".... it's so beautiful... but a LOT of work! :-) am looking forward to finishing it, hopefully tomorrow or the next day!!!.... I'm looking forward to starting a new original piece inspired by all that I have learnt from making this beautiful Serafini piece, but NOT following instructions - as much as I have enjoyed making this unbelievably gorgeous necklace, and as much as I would definitely buy a pattern again, especially another Sherry Serafini, I really don't like following instructions!!! I don't mind the first half... but having to repeat the same thing for the second half (left & right) is really mind-numbing to me!!! I just want to get on with applying all I learnt to my own designs!!! :-) but I promised myself I would finish it before starting anything else because it deserves to be finished - it's just SO beautiful - and as I will probably never own one of her beautiful original pieces, this is as close as I'll get to ever wearing one of her fabulous pieces, so I must finish it... and I know if I move on to something else now, I will never get back to it and it will lie in my "must-get-to-it-one-day-and-finish-this-piece box" together with all the other pieces I started and moved on to other work before finishing them! :-) they rarely see the light of day... only when a new one gets added to the box :-)

I was featured on a brand new blog!!!! Not only do I feel honoured to have been chosen but feel super-honoured for being the first featured artist on this blog!!! Thank you Linda for choosing me and my work!!! :-D Linda Faigen, who is the author of Thinking Out Loud, makes beautiful jewellery and these gorgeous hair sticks which you can see and buy at her Etsy shop!!!

Thank you so much Linda for the great write-up!!!

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  1. Congratulations...great feature Triz!! Linda chose wonderful pieces to showcase in the feature!!!