Friday, 31 October 2008

A Fish Tale... - Treasury

treasury 52

I had such a bad migraine yesterday, that once I managed to grab this treasury, I went straight to bed... I didn't have the energy to post before now... a good night sleep, some pain killers, a bit of tiger balm... and I feel much better!!!

So here is my treasury for the week end:

Go visit, check these fishy items, leave a comment... but hurry this treasury ends on Sunday 2nd November.

I've been working on the next EtsyBeadWeavers' challenge... every day I thought I would finish it, and I probably could have yesterday, had it not been for my migraine ruining 1/2 of the day!!! :-) I hope to finish it by today and post it hopefully by Sunday... so come back and take a look... The theme for EBW's November Challenge is Ancestral Expressions - I'm in the process of designing an Egyptian inspired collar, which is something I've always wanted to try and make and have finally had a bit of time to do so!!! :-)  Come back to see my first attempt at beadweaving a collar and read all about how it's connected to November's challenge theme Ancestral Expressions.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, peaceful, happy weekend!!!! :-)


  1. As per usual a great Treasury Triz... spero davvero che ti sia passato il mal di testa e che tu possa dedicarti alla tua nuova creazione... non vedo l'ora di ammirarla!!!

  2. oh, this is SO cute. Have to see it live!

  3. So even w/a migraine, a beautiful treasury...LOVE the fish..glad that you're feeling better....

  4. Unique treasury it!!