Wednesday, 15 October 2008

I've been tagged.... twice!!! :-)

As the title says... I've been tagged twice!!! quite scary at first because I wasn't sure what it meant! :-) So I checked out my 2 taggers' blogs - Carol Dean of SandFibers and Alessandra of Ixela

Here are the rules:
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  1. I woke up this morning to an amazing colour sky... sort of greyish-yellow... very weird but nice... and surely it started to rain!!!! first real rain of the year!!!  I love summer rain when the weather is warm, which it still is here.... and I hate the rain when it's cold... I just hate the cold!!! Even in the summer in Israel where temperatures are easily close to 30 degrees centigrade indoors, I sleep with a duvet because I'm always, always cold!!!! and as much as this country REALLY NEEDS rain... this thunderstorm saddens me as it marks the beginning of winter and the cold!!! :-)
  2. I was born in Italy, my mother is French, my father English - I speak Italian but the Italian of a 12 year old, which is when I left :-) I speak French with a heavy Italian/English accent (it's horrible) - I speak English with a very confused London accent and although I have lived in Israel for the past (almost) 19 years, my Hebrew is unequivocally  and embarrassingly worse than terrible, and I would do almost anything not to have to speak it!!! :-)
  3. I wanted to be an architect but studied fashion design instead - I studied law for 2 years but never had any intentions of being a lawyer :-)  (I eventually got a diploma in Social Policy and Criminal Justice)
  4. I used to do a lot of sports before I had my son and before I found beading :-)  I studied Karate, on and off, for 10 years and in between the offs I managed to earn a blue belt - had to stop at 5 months pregnant :-) but am hoping to go back to it one day, regardless of how old I may be then :-)
  5. I voluntarily stopped driving for 2 years because I became too stressed every time I got into traffic and near stupid drivers, so I decided to eliminate this stress from my life.  I did start driving again about 5 years ago but if I have the choice of a 30 minute walk over 10 minutes stuck in traffic and then 10 looking for parking, I prefer and always choose walking :-)
  6. I have 20 tattoos - 9 butterflies, a water lily, a Chinese dragon, a Japanese Koi,  a scarab, 2 Native American designs of a thunderbird and a bear claw, an Aztec armband and a few abstract and flowery tattoos :-) There's still room for more! :-)
  7. I truly believe that everything, good and bad, happens for a reason.... even if I can't see the reason and I sometimes forget that!!!

and here are the cyber-friends I'm tagging ( I hope they can forgive me :-D):

  1. Nicole Campanella - Beadwright
  2. Marlaine - Beadalicious
  3. Kerrie - Kerrie Slade


  1. Triz, thank you for being such a good sport about being tagged. I love reading about you.

    I'm the child of a German father and an American mother. I don't have an accent in either language...however, I learned French in German schools yet speak it with an American accent which was horribly embarrassing in the very anti-American 70s in Europe. My German is that of a 17 year old, which is when I left. I avoid speaking it altogether now.

    I was unable to/refused to learn Italian while in Italy and one nun in the kindergarten I went to actually slapped me because of it.

    The challenges of multi-lingual/cultural upbringing...and the wealth it brings us :D

  2. Wow, that is a lot of tattoos. :)

    I can only speak English and Filipino fluently. I understand very little Igorot which is another local language in northern provinces here in the Philippines, and very very little Bisaya, from central Philippines.

    Congrats on the blue belt, I don't remember if I even earned a white or a yellow when I was 5? I do remember attending the classes though. ;)
    Interesting bits of information :)

  3. Loved reading your post- I accepted your tag and posted my 7 things if you want to check it out. The first paragraph about you is all in jest.

  4. Congrats............. LOVEEEEE ur black panther designs... am crazy about the colors, design, everything!!!

  5. Almost every day I come to your blog to check the breathtaking beautiful things you make and read the stories about them. It was now good to get some information about you and to get to know the person behind the jewelleries:) I loved to read it!

  6. I'll get to the tagging thing soon. I've been away from home with very limited internet access. I'm still away. And I was surprised to find myself on your top commenter's list!