Monday, 17 January 2011

Leather Cuff Making Frenzy! Part 2

So the madness continues…. I just cannot stop making these cuffs!!! I really love making them and I really love how they turn out!!! 

I even started on a new bead-embroidered bag, when one quarter of the way through, I found myself back on the leather cuffs… and the next thing I know four more were made!!!

Here are those four + the previous ones that I didn’t get a chance to post yet (cos I was busy making leather cuffs :-D).

As there are so many, I’m just going to post the photos, if you are interested in finding out more about them, please click on the photos for detailed information.

Peach Bouquet - Cuff 02 copy Trillium - Orange Leather Cuff 01 copy

 Rock My World - Black Leather Cuff 01 copy Moroccan Spice - Brown Leather Cuff 03 copy

Black and Bonze Flowers - Ivory Leather Cuff 01 copy Orange & Red  Flowers - Black Leather Cuff 03 copy

Naftali turquoise & brown - Leather Cuff 01 copy Brown, Gunmetal & tan stripe - Tan Leather Cuff 05 copy

 Bronze & Turquoise Flower - Brown Leather Cuff 03 copy

Top two, 2nd row right, 3rd row: cabs by Golem Design Studio

2nd row left: heart cab by MAKUstudio

4th row: striped cab by Naftali

I hope I haven’t overdosed you on leather cuffs!!! I promise I will do my upmost to stay away from them for a while…. or at least till I finish making the bag!!! :-)

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead!!! :-)


  1. I am never overdosed by your art Triz. Each piece so beautiful and unique.

  2. Your leather cuffs are so imaginative and inspiring and as for your bags- WOW!! I love them... beautiful pieces of functional art that you would have forever. Keep up the good work.

  3. Oh my God! I love your leather cuffs! I cannot wait for the new ones! Sooner or later I would like to have one of them for myself... :) Aliz

  4. They are just gorgeous and especially professional looking!

  5. Przepiękne, cudne, jestem pod wielkim wrażeniem!

  6. These are all so amazing! I can truly understand your obsession! ~Val

  7. Wonderful works, I love all of them!!!

  8. Absolutely stunning! It's too hard to pick a favourite:) Lenita

  9. Wow - spectacular! ALL of them!

  10. Beautiful beadwork!!
    Ciao Susy

  11. A W E S O M E ^_^
    I love all of them