Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Lilac & Purple Meadow – NOT a Leather Cuff! :-)

Here is my newest piece!!! and it’s not a leather cuff!!! :-)

This is the first time I attempted to make a barrette and I owe it to Nicole Campanella of Beadwright.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may remember last April, Nicole sent me one of her Brooch Kits… it was my very first kit and brooch… making the brooch taught me the skills needed to make the barrette, so thank you (again) Nicole!!! and here it is:

Lilac & Purple Meadow - OOAK Large Barrette

Purple Meadow Barette - OOAK 03 copyPurple Meadow Barette - OOAK 01 copy

I’m actually relieved to finally make (and post) something other than a leather cuff!!! :-)

And whilst trying to stay away from my leather cuff addiction, today I started a bead-embroidered purse, which will hopefully be my next tutorial… actually I also have a bag I started a few weeks ago, that I’ve put aside for now… so hopefully I will be able to post one of them in the upcoming weeks.

The leather cuffs are not forgotten of course, I actually have to make two for my upcoming workshop, which I’ll be teaching at Bogal (Gloria’s place) in Ranana, sometimes soon… so if you are interested in the workshop (and live or are visiting Israel in February), get in touch with either Gloria or myself for more details.

Happy beading! :-)


  1. No Say it isn't so!!! I have such fun looking at your beaded cuffs... LOL

    Actually I love looking at all your work, so keep it up.

    I wish I would be able to take a workshop from you...have you ever considered applying to Bead and Button as a presenter? Wisconsin is beautiful in June...not January, but June...

  2. Wonderful colors, great work! I love it!!!

  3. It is gorgeous Triz, you did a wonderful job, well I knew you can do bead anything, no doubts! :)
    Great color choice, looks very precious and feminine.

  4. wonderful job, great post.


  5. This is so pretty!
    You have a Stylish blogger award crom Cabby Crafter!
    Pick it up at: