Friday, 8 May 2009

Turquoise Beading Frenzy

Once a year, and sometimes more often, I get into this turquoise obsession where everything I make and everything I buy has turquoise in it… the last few weeks has been one of those times…. and needless to say I LOVE turquoise!!!!

To top off my turquoise craze I got into this weird mood where I felt the urge to cover as many surfaces as I possibly could with beads! These are two creations where I used some of those turquoise beaded covered beads:

The first one is just a simple beaded bead strung onto a gold metal choker. I love this bead so much that I just wanted to show it off on it’s own without drawing away from the actual bead itself.

Leah’s Jewel – Choker

The second was created using some of the other beaded beads I made during this period. I actually created the beads randomly to fit with the design of the necklace that I had in my head. I used different shapes of genuine turquoise beads and connected all the beads with a basic dark gold and turquoise spiral rope.

Turquoise Galaxy – Necklace

I’m very happy with how these two pieces turned out!!! During the same frenzied period I also covered some wooden doughnuts… and they’ve turned out quite cool…. I just haven’t figured out what to do with them yet :-) and as I’ve been feeling rather poorly this week, I left them for another day :-)

I really had fun making all these beaded beads and am sure I will be making more… and if I can tear myself away from my love of turquoise I may even make them in some other colour combinations :-)

Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful weekend! :-)


  1. What wonderful pieces of jewelry! Simply amazing.

  2. Triz, most importantly, I hope you feel much better soon!

    These combined obsessions of turquoise and covering surfaces sure are resulting in some astonishing work. Brava, my friend, brava!

  3. Love the pieces, each so different but equally beautiful...I'm a huge fan of turquoise myself and do the same thing...overload on turquoise pieces!!!

    Feel better soon!

  4. What can i say?? Everything you do is... so beautiful!!!!

  5. I'm totally with you on the turquoise obsession, especially with browny tones. Gorgeous work.

  6. You know turquoise is one of my favourite colors... and these two new creations are really wonderful!... great work Triz!!!

  7. I am fallen in love with these wonderful turquoise beaded beads. They are wonderful . Would it be possible to buy a tutorial ? many thanks Cristina Gualtierotti- Italy

  8. Thank you so much Cristina. I'm afraid I don't have a tutorial for these but there are some great beaded beads tutorial out there, here are 2 very good designers:
    I hope this helps you. Happy beading :-)