Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Golden Pool

One of my favourite things about having joined Etsy is the discovery of so many talented and wonderful artists. One of those talented artists is Lisa Peters from LisaPetersArt. She makes the most beautiful OOAK beads, buttons and cabochons using different types of clays, glazes and firing methods. In the last year or so I have bought quite a few of her cabochons and some buttons. They are all so beautiful that I sometimes find it difficult to part with them and use them in my beadwork. I just love looking at them and fondling them! :-) However that is why I buy them… to use in my beadwork… so last week I did just that! I picked one of her cabochons and decided to make something out of it…. and this is what I made:

Golden Pool

I love her pieces so much that I didn’t want to detract too much from the beauty of the cabochon so I decided to keep it simple, at the same time I wanted to somehow depict and incorporate into the beading the movement of the golden swirls, so I bead-embroidered round the cabochon and tried to mimic the movement by adding a twisted edge to the bead-embroidery. This was the first time I had tried using this technique and I have to say I’m really pleased with how it turned out…. I’m sure I will be using this twisted edge again! :-) I wanted to make the necklace along the same idea, so I simply strung two strands of beads and twisted them together, and I think it works well.

If you’ve been following my blog recently, you may have noticed my current obsession with using turquoise/green together with gold. Well this obsession has not even come close to running its course! :-) I’m currently working on a green and gold St. Petersburg stitched necklace. I decided yesterday to overcome my (unfounded) fears and try and see if I could manage to do it… and manage I did, it's actually relatively easy and am finding it extremely relaxing to work with… I have no idea what I’m going to do with it… but will be working on it later today and hopefully something wearable will have emerged from it in the next few days… come back and see! :-) In the meantime this is what I’ve managed to do so far:


For more of Lisa’s beautiful work, please visit her links below:

Shop: http://www.LisaPetersArt.etsy.com
Blog: http://www.lisa-petersart.blogspot.com
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lisapetersart


  1. Oh Triz! Another magnificent piece from Triz Designs! Thank you so much for blogging about this gorgeous necklace you made & the mention of my cabs! I loved this cab when I made it & the combination of Silver & Lustre Green made the wildest gold combination in the final piece - which is really beautifully accented by your choice of beads and that fabulous twisted technique! had to comment before I started firing more pieces this morning.. just wait til you see the new color palette! Uh Oh!
    Great Job Triz! So talented!

  2. Triz, your work is simply amazing! Your color combinations and the elegance of your designs is what really strikes me. I too learned the St. Petersburg chain when I created a necklace for one of the EBW's challenges. I really enjoyed it and it works up fairly quick. I love the lacy appearance of the weave and it lays very nicely along the neck.

  3. Love the green and gold together! Looks like you are following along with Color Week - today is green.

  4. Golden Pool is gorgeous...you've managed to show case the striking Lisa Peters cab wonderfully...the twisted edge adds an interesting detail!!

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with for the St Petersburg necklace.


  5. I love the way you made this necklace, your work just made come out the beauty of this cab, a perfect mix of two talented artists! Anna

  6. Triz, Yet another beautiful creation. I think Lisa is saving the most beautiful cabochons for you. I love the twisted technique you used around the edge.

  7. BEautiful beadwork! Enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the good work! Clicked some ads for you.