Sunday, 24 May 2009

Green and St. Petersburg Chain Stitch

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m new to and am loving the St. Petersburg Chain Stitch, I’m in the midst of a turquoise/green obsession and I was going to make a bracelet in this stitch – here it is:

Amazon Forrest

The main part of the bracelet didn’t take too long to make but i got stuck at the closure… and whilst looking for the right one, I found myself making lots of elements…. one was too big, one didn’t look right…. so I cut it off and started again… till I finally came to a simple toggle in complementary colours…. and I love it! I’ve been wearing it all day!!!! It’s soft, light, I almost forgot I had it on! :-)

Back to those elements… whilst I couldn’t work out how to finish off the bracelet, I got derailed and started making a necklace… totally unexpected… but I’ve fallen in love with it!!!

Amazon Warrior – Choker

I used these amazing mother of pearl shell beads, that no joke, I’ve had in one of my boxes for at least 2 years if not more…. and I have about 10 of them left… I already have an idea for a bracelet that I’m dying to go and make…

I love it when a design develops itself from discarded elements from other designs!!! especially when I don’t make myself use them rather they find their own harmony…. and that is how this necklace came about and was in fact finished long before the bracelet was even close to completion.. now back to beading, that bracelet is calling me to be made! :-) Happy beading everyone!!! :-)


  1. They're all quite lovely!

  2. Both the bracelet and choker are stunning...I like the green,on my monitor it looks olive green.


  3. Wonderful!!!! I love these coluours. All your works are very, very beautiful!!!

  4. Hello,

    Your work is wonderful, congratulations to you ..
    Loved your blog and your work ..
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  5. Hi, I just found your blog after doing a Google search on St. Petersburg stitch bracelet. I am new to this technique and I would love to make a bracelet, but I don't know what kind of thread to use to string my bracelet. Can you tell me? I used some regular beading thread, but I can't seem to get my stitches tight enough. Thank you.

  6. thank you all!!! :-)

    and Sharon, I use Fireline for all my beadwork