Friday, 20 August 2010

The Next Generation + BAO Item of the Week

I spent the last 2 months together with Ethan! We’ve had a ball!!! We spent most of our time at my parent’s pool which overlooks the sea… it’s a hard life! ;-)

pool 05

Ethan has mastered his front crawl… and I’m so proud of him!!! I love swimming and the fact that we can now swim together, rather than me following around the pool having mini heart attacks every time he goes underwater, has been an incredible pleasure!!!

et swim 09

He started showing an interest in photography… another of my hobbies…. so I gave him my old digital camera and he takes it with him everywhere!!! The pool, walking the dogs, the supermarket…. everywhere!!!

et swim 07

Then one day… out of the blue… after I received my loom in the mail… he said: “mummy I want to learn how to bead too! I want to make bracelets and then you can sell them on the intranet (internet ;-D) for me and give me the money so I can buy lots of toys!” :-) my heart melted… the next day we went out looking for a kiddie bead loom… it took me a few days to find it… but we eventually did!

here he is, hard at work making his first bracelet which will be a birthday present for his cousin Shani who just turned 4! :-)

et bead 01 et bead 02 et bead 03

How precious is that!!!!! I couldn’t be prouder!!!! :-)

As for me… I’m busy making the next EBW Challenge “Bollywood”….

and last, but not least… here is my BAO Item of the Week:

Cleopatra – Necklace

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Visit the BAO blog to see all the specials our talented member are offering this week:

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!!! :-)


  1. Hi Triz!
    Oh my goodness! Would you lend Ethan to me? So cute!
    I read your thread and my smile went from one ear to the other! Thanks for sharing these moments!
    Your necklace is wondeful! I like the weavy (can you say this?) design!
    My PC always translates into German, and I have to push the "show original" button. It's hard to understand this kind of German - but otherwise it's funny. For me English is much better to read and to write, so I do my exercises....

    Regards from Germany, Daniela

  2. thank you Daniela! :-) he is cute!!! :-)