Tuesday, 21 July 2009

New piece + BAO Items of the Week

I got back from England! back into hot, humid, sweaty weather!!! I LOVE it!!! :-)

London was nice, Ethan had a whale of a time, and both of us met my sister’s youngest for the first time and she is adorable! - pictures will follow, when I get round to sorting them all out! at least I managed to unpack and do all my washing, I’m really proud of myself! :-) and also made this piece. My sister asked me whether I could make her the Emerald Queen – see previous post – in purples, the answer was obviously yes… and here is… what has been keeping me busy since my return ; –) I hope she likes it, and I hope the person who it’s for likes it too! :-) there are some slight variations from the first one, but they are almost identical and of course it looks so much nicer and richer and real life… purple is not a colour I manage to photograph too well…

avril 03 copy avril 01 copy

Now, to this week’s ever-so-gorgeous BAO Items of the Week.

bao item of the week

This week I also have an item…. I decided from this week on to start putting some of my beadwork on sale at 20% OFF. This week my special is for the Merry Widow Necklace. This offer ends the 26th July 2009. Purchase and pay for this item between now and 26th July and receive 20% OFF! Don’t forget to go and check out all the BAO Items of the Week to see what specials are being offered by my talented fellow members and friends!!!

Come back next week to see what item will go on sale at 20 % OFF !!!


  1. Beautiful, as always...the purple is different for you, but it translates w/ the same grace and glory as all the other pieces...sounds like such a wonderful trip...can't wait to see the pics...:)))

  2. All of your work is such a feast to my eyes! Please, don't ever stop.

  3. Both pieces are stunning Triz...purple is my favorite color but the black with the touch of pink is beautiful!!!

    Don't worry you've managed to photograph the purple wonderfully...the new owner will be thrilled I'm sure!!!!!

    Happy to hear you enjoyed your time with your family...but it is always nice to return home...