Thursday, 9 July 2009

Here Comes the Bride - EtsyBeadWeavers July Challenge

The theme for the July EtsyBeadWeavers Challenge is Here Comes the Bride... chosen by Cielo Design who won the May challenge. All the entries are elegant and beautiful.

My entry for this challene is Neptune's Bride, # 4 on the list - see previous blog post

Go and vote for your favourite entry from today until the 15th July:
I'm still in London, enjoying spending time with my son and watching him interact with his grandparents and gorgeous little cousins.... Working on my Use the Muse II beading design contest... can't say it's going too well... 9 more days to go to get it finished, I hope inspiration hits me soon :-)
Due to the rules of the contest, I can't post pictures of my piece until the big reveal... for now I'm off to try and finish my entry
In the meantime…. don't forget to vote

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  1. Enchanting... I luv the complexity of your work. Especially Primeval Forest or is it the Black Sun, oh well they're all beautiful.