Saturday, 6 September 2008

don't want the summer to end!!!! - treasury

treasury 39

Finally managed to get a treasury!!!  wasn't easy, and at one point, just after I had written the title, it looked like I was going to lose it and I couldn't get back into it.... my heart stopped, I became almost irate - mainly because I've been sitting at the computer for the last 3 hours waiting for it... but I tried one more time and YES!!! managed to get back into it and load these beauties up!!! :-)  now I can go to sleep, hopefully :-)

Well I'm a summer person - I moved to Israel from London because as much as I LOVE London, the weather there just depressed me to no end, and even though it's still unbelievably hot here, there is this underlying feeling that the summer is about to end, and unlike other places where there are four season, Israel seems to only have two - summer and winter.... there's not much warning between seasons, one minute it's bloody hot, the next miserable and cold.... and I just don't want it to end!!! :-)  I looked for items that would remind me of gorgeous hot early summer evenings, just before the sun sets and this is what I found! :-)

This treasury will expire on Tuesday 9th September, so please go check it out:


  1. Lovely treasury! I know what you mean. Another summer over and I'm not ready either!

  2. GORGEOUS treasury! I clicked and commented...I think this one is a front pager for sure!!

  3. This is a great treasury - but I don't know I am ready for fall. The colors in your treasury are beautiful and I am so happy to be included - thanks so much Triz!