Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Bead Artist Originals - Items of the week

bao item of the week



Check out these gorgeous Items of the Week!!!

Go to the Bead Art Originals' blog and see this week's special offers!!!

My item of the week is the Merry Widow Necklace - please check out the BAO's blog to see what special offer is attached to this necklace  and to the other beautiful Items of the Week.


  1. You do wonderful work, beautifully executed and designed--very rich.

    Would you like to exchange links? I'd be proud to list yours on my blog. :)

  2. OH I love that bead ring...and the heart beads...and....ok everything is beautiful!

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  4. I love your work Triz! I can't believe I didn't get something in the IOTW this week! I definitely have to do it this week!

  5. You have some beautiful jewelry and a really nice blog!

  6. That really is a gorgeous necklace. Love the colours!

  7. Triz your "Merry Widow" necklace is stunning...the color combo is wonderful...I'm a huge fan of black...with the small touch of color it is perfect!!!


  8. Your Merry Widow Necklace is stunning! I love the color combo you used. :)

  9. You do beautiful work! I will keep this in mind for holiday shopping.

  10. Your work is beautiful! I love that ring.

  11. I cannot help not to comment on your blog. All the pieces of accessories here are all so charming! I love it!