Monday, 11 January 2010

Life amongst other things…

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote anything, and I’m sorry… Sometimes there are just not enough hours in a day… other times there is just not enough energy left in me :-)

I haven’t been sleeping too well… most mornings, I’m up at the  ridiculous hour of 2 or 3 am!!! I remember the days when that wasn’t even close to my bed time… in fact it was probably the time I would start considering heading home… long gone are those days… and now my sleep times have reversed!

The good thing about being up so early is witnessing the most beautiful skies… just before the sun comes up… and here is a picture I took last week from my balcony at some un-Godly hour! :-)

  sunrise 2010

Pretty dramatic! So I guess that’s my consolation prize for being up half the night! :-)

I’m also attempting, yet again, to stop smoking… I’ve cut down from 30/day to 3/day and I’m hoping that by the end of the week I will have managed to stop completely (again!) :-) I’m really trying…  but i have to say that the insomnia is not helping the cause…

So you would think that with all this lack of sleep I would be up all night beading… wouldn’t you?…. well no… not really… I try and utilize that time catching up on my forever-growing list of e-mails that need to be answered… however, some beading has taken place… I’m working on 3 pieces at the moment… one I’m stuck… one I’m trying to work out the right necklace for…. and one I have to find the right clasp in order to finish it off…  Here is a preview of the last one:

preview copperAlmost finished, but not quite! :-)

Also, here are this week’s BAO Items:

bao item of the week

My item this week is:

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And one last thing…. I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy new year!!!! :-)


  1. Good luck to you with quitting smoking. I'm a cold turkey quitter with anything. If I try to ween myself I go bananas. Actually, that's not entirely true, I'm currently trying to quit drinking so much coffee (oh, about 12 cups a day...) Two weeks in, this morning I only had 2 cups, and I'm going to do my best to keep it up. Well, I have to, or else my gut will quit on me... LOL!

    That's a gorgeous sunrise Triz, and I hope sleep finds you soon. :)

  2. I slept my first good night in a week thanks to a couple of Tylenol PMs...I'd been doing the awake all night thing before that. I'm fortunate that I don't have an addiction problem, when I smoked it was a habit and that's so much easier to quit. So, all I can say is good luck and stick at it, well...that and Great Beadwork!

  3. Your beadwork is truly something special as Mikki pointed out. Good luck in 2010!