Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Thank you Ixela!!!

There is nothing more fun than to receive presents in the mail!!! and the other day I received the most beautiful gift!!!! I was so exited to go to the post office and see what had arrived for me!!!

My dearest friend Ale from Ixela sent me the most gorgeous little neck warmer ever!!!!

I love it soooo much that I've actually put it on my dummy in my living room so when I'm not wearing it I can just admire it!!! it is that gorgeous!!! from the amazing colour to the beautiful design to the gorgeous flower pin (which could be easily worn on its own)... I just love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much Ale... I really have no words.... it's so beautiful and so nice of you!!!!!

If you are not familiar with Ixela's beautiful crochet work and whimsical jewellery, you must pay her a visit!!!!




Here is another example of her amazing work and definitely on the top of my wish list!!!!

Peru' - Shawl/Wrap

Visit Ale's shop and blog - you will not be disappointed!!!!

http://www.ixela.etsy.com/ and http://ixela-thoughts.blogspot.com/


  1. You lucky girl...I'm jealous...just kidding...these blogging connections are FOR REAL!!!! Wear it in good health!!!

  2. oooooooooo Was there a special occasion or just because you are as wonderful as you are, Triz? It's gorgeous! ;D

  3. thank you Amy I will wear it in very good health! :-) and thank you Carol Dean, it's a belated xmas present! :-)

  4. What a beautiful gift...not only will it keep you warm but you will look wonderful at the same time!


  5. What a gorgeous gift!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog--the babies are doing much better and mommy got much needed rest this afternoon.

  6. I too love your neck warmer. It is so beautiful.

  7. What a lovely surprise, and how nice of her to send you such a lovely gift. She is very talented!

  8. Absolutely unbelievably beautiful -- you are one lucky girl! Amazing. I'm available for BFF status at any time :)

  9. How wonderful! I'm presuming it's the mauve colored one in your post, and if it is it's beautiful!

    I love so many of Ale's creations. She has a great sense of style.


  10. WOW - off to add this girl to my Etsy hearts RIGHT NOW. You are just THE luckiest person having such a pretty thing.

    * envy envy envy * LOL!!!!

  11. I will go check out their shops...beautiful work!

  12. she does such beautiful work - you are lucky you have such a gorgeous piece!

  13. That neck warmer is AWESOME - I love it.

  14. Ohhh what a nice gift! Very cute and elegant one! Cool and great.