Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Last of the thank yous :-)

Yesterday I took the day off!!! I didn't do anything with it.... but I stayed away from work, computer and beads! :-) sometimes it happens, batteries need to be recharged... a holiday, as I have not had one in oh.... longer than I care to think of, would be better, but a day off helps! :-)

Here is the rest of my thank yous! :-)

Thank you TheBeadedLily - wonderful beadweaver, jewellery maker and person! check out her blog and her shop!




Thank you Ixela for being a wonderful and caring friend!!! and for making these gorgeous crocheted necklaces/bracelets... I have to get myself one!!!! :-) I LOVE them!!!! Check out her wonderful blog and shop! - ok... so I got one!!! I just couldn't resist!!!! I really, really love it!!!!!


Thank you Waterrose - who makes the most wonderful embroidered cuffs and rings! check out her blog and shop!




Link to Inspire Emotion

Thank you Nicole of Inspire Emotion - check out her wonderful blog!


Thank you Jean Hutter who always takes the time to comment on my blog! She is not only a wonderful bead artist but also creates beautiful paintings! check all of her blogs and shops :-)
Jean Hutter - Water Media Artist + art blog
TotallyTwisted - shop and blog


and last but not least.... Art for Hair - who makes the most wonderful hair sticks ! Check out her shop and blog!

Ok! so this turned out more of a wish list than a thank you list :-) so if any of my family actually ever comes over here to read my blog, any of these would be very much appreciated!!! :-)



As for what's going on in my life.... well yesterday I decided that rather than spend my life worrying about these men climbing over to my balcony again, I would show them what to expect if they did, so I put on my karate gear, which hasn't been worn in over a year... or is it two?.... and went on my balcony, in plain view to all of them and in the sweltering heat and burning sun, did some karate training and practice my Kata!!! yeah, come on over now, baby!!! :-) I don't like being the victim, neither do I like playing the victim nor seeming like a victim!!! I am no victim!!!!!

Today, as you can imagine my legs are killing me! :-) and I think I broke my foot again (last count I broke about 7 different bones in my feet, but still love karate!)... ok, so I probably shouldn't have been kicking a piece of metal, at least not on my first attempt in so long :-) a softer alternative would have been sufficient :-) too late :-) so I'm limping a bit, it too will heal :-)

Today I'm spending the day beading!!!!!! yeah!!!!! now that is what makes me truly happy!!!

Check back soon to see what I came up with!!!!


  1. YAY for you, Triz! So glad you're feeling better! Take care. (and show us some of that beading you're doing) :)

  2. Triz - I'm glad to read that you took a little break to let yourself "reset". I only wish someone had taken a video of you doing your karate so I could see it. :-)

  3. Anybody who does Karate can't possibly be a victim! Yay Triz! You "sound" wonderful today! I'll be watching for the next wonderful piece of beaded art!

  4. Yeah for the day off!! And I hope feet and legs feel better soon!

    I love your work!

  5. A day off is perfect...some time to enjoy...glad to hear your are feeling better...you made me smile when you said your legs are bothering you from the Karate practice and you thought you might have hurt your foot...not because of those specific things but because you sound like me...it is all or nothing and then I pay the price later!!! :0)
    Glad you showed them fellows!!

    Can't wait to see your next creation...

  6. You sound like you are in a better place mentally....thanks for including me in your thank yous!

  7. I'm so glad you are feeling better! I love how you took the time to thank everyone who commented on your post, you are a truely good person and I wish you all the best :)

  8. I wanted to stand up and cheer when you wrote about "showing them!" It sounds like that day off was much overdo and has helped you recharge. I used to call them Mental Health Days!

  9. Triz if this wasn't so serious thinking of you out on the balcony practicing your Karate would be funny - but it's not! Thanks for the mention in your blog – very nice of you.

    I wanted to tell you I finished my Bead Embroidery Cuff and I used hooks and eyes for the closure rather than putting it on a cuff blank – I really like the way it turned out. I sewed the hooks and eyes on before I put on the backing. I thought this might be something you might like to try sometime with a cuff.

  10. Good for you! Good that you took a day off ansd just did nothing. Good that you are empowering yourself, and not allowing yourself to be a victim. And good that you are spending today - already over for you by now - beading. Sorry to hear about your foot, though.
    I'm going to pop into all those shops and blogs and see what's what - thanks for the suggestions.

  11. Oh Triz, I hadn't read your previous blog post until today. I am so glad that today is a better day for you. I am sending a big warm hug your way!

  12. I topo am glad you're feeling better:) It was incredibly kind and thoughtful for you to thank everyone individually. It shows a depth of feeling that is rare in this world.
    Can't wait to see your next project:)

  13. Now, that's the Spirit!!! So glad that you were inspired to take the day off, re-group and press on...life will continue to happen, and we will continue to rant...it's just good to know that there's so much support out there...BEAD AWAY, my friend, bead away!!!