Monday, 23 June 2008

Vanilla Cream!!! - Treasury

treasury 22

This one is going to have to be a quick one, not because it's any less beautiful than any other treasury, but simply because I have to run to my lesson in 10 minutes.  A lot of excitement there!!! :-)

Thank you so much Miriam from CieloDesign for including my Ancient Cuff in this wonderful treasury!!!

This treasury expires Wednesday 25th June:

Check out CieloDesigns, a fellow EBWer and compatriot. and see some truly beautiful beadwork from a wonderful bead artist!!!! (see example below)

Wild Roses Necklace

Off I go to teach my lesson now! :-)

Happy beading everyone!!!


  1. My best wishes for your first lesson Triz... I'm sure it will be a great success!!!
    Wonderful Treasury and stunning necklace by CieloDesign... a masterpiece!!!

  2. magnificent necklace...really stunning....

  3. :o Stunning! How do you do it? The necklace is amazing, and the cuff is something I would wear and wear and wear...